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The Wiki

See this general wiki forum post thats where the discussion is, and it also gives an idea about where we want this wiki to go.

Don't be afraid, be bold! GET IT DONE. GET EM DIDS.

Discuss complex changes on the forum. Getting consensus avoids conflict and enlists aid.

Changes can be easily updated or reverted. As long as you put a bit of thought into your changes, nobody will complain.

Take advantage of the "show preview" button when editing and review your changes, to verify your changes before saving them.


If all you can do is write, that's enough. For more complex editing, you can use wiki syntax. If you understand forum BBCode, you can easily understand wiki syntax.

Learn by doing, jump right in, or read some documentation, whatever tickles your fancy.

  • The discussion pages (every wiki page has it's own discussion page) can be used to ask for help or feedback. If you want, you can post a rough draft of what you want to add and get others to review. The discussion page can be found by clicking the "discussion" tab on the top of the page.
  • Also, you can always look at the source of another wiki by clicking edit. Here you can learn by seeing and steal formatting.


Some basic guidelines to keep in mind when editing:

Keep it pandora centric. If it has a place here, make it fit. This is not the bugtracker, or the repo. We can however explain problems if they are common mistakes and draw light to pandora centric software.

You may find it easier to start with small changes. Fixing spelling mistakes, errors in grammar, or rewriting sentences to make for more fluent reading. Cut down on verbosities!

If you find any spam pages, please add "[[Category:Spam]]" to the page. This is to make it easier for admins to find and remove it.

Use one of the following labels to indicate to readers and editors what you think about an article:

If you need help with a wiki project, maybe add it to Wiki TODO! You can also use the Talk:Wiki TODO to share your idea and get feedback.

Any changes which could potentially be seen as controversial should preferably be discussed on the corresponding discussion/talk section for that page before being made. If you suggest it and nobody objects it is safe to proceed.

About bugs

This wiki is for documentation.. not for reporting, troubleshooting or discussing Pandora hardware or software issues.

If you think you have found a bug, search the Bug Tracker to see if someone else has had a similar problem.

  • If you found an existing bug report, read its comments and see if you can contribute something new.
    • Subscribe to the bug to be emailed when anyone else comments or the issue is resolved.
  • If you cannot find a bug report on your problem, then add one.


This is by far the easiest way to get involved with the Pandora community. There are a number of different communities to join, you can find them on the Community Links page. These forum communities cover a range of languages, not just English.

See also user:spiralofhope/todo


Expand stubs

Find old stub (low content, e.g. Special:ShortPages) pages and merge with more useful ones. Some pages are just forward looking from pre-release and may not be relevant any more.

Lonely pages

Go through and find pages which aren't being linked to anywhere (Special:Specialpages and specifically Special:Lonelypages can help). Find somewhere that makes sense and add a link to the page there... if necessary, make a new page in the style of Tutorials and documentation. There is some discussion about this Talk:Wiki TODO.

Avoid redundancy

[1] adds a page to another, dont duplicate, transclude instead.

Add Categories

Go through and make sure each page has an appropriate category, add categories for pages without.

If you find any spam pages, please add "[[Category:Spam]]" to the page.

Monitor talks/changes

Take a look at the recent talk changes for possible things to do.

Not up to date, and specific to angstrom, should be merged

Find somewhere to put these pages

This only suggests using ZIP for a new pnd format, not happening.

Not updated in a long while

Sites labled for deletion, which is to say they are just hidden from view.