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See also Getting involved, Wiki TODO


  • Swap
    • mention that awesome PND
    • what other documentation is lingering around, on zRam, swapfiles, swap on USB / SD cards etc?
  • Quickstart
    • A PDF version should ship with the palmtop.
      • Make sure it references the latest release-quality guide on the manufacturer's website and the working/beta-quality guide on the wiki.
    • Enabling the mic - see Audio_system


  • FAQ rewrite
    • Integrate [7]
    • Why the fuck would we have a FAQ? Oh, I guess deleting it was a good idea.

questions to find answers for

  • Quickstart#Power_it_up
    • Is it necessary to plug the power supply into the mains FIRST, and then plug it into the Pandora SECOND?

unsorted pile

  • SuperZaxxon doesn't seem to allow my hotkeys anymore. wtf.
  • NEW: Bootmenu can now be configured using /autoboot.txt and /bootmenu.txt
  • need chromium the browser, not the entire OS.
    • if the net connection isn't enabled before chromium is loaded, chromium will never be able to use the net connection.
  • A topic on swap files, and some details on zRam
  • Booting a PC off of an ISO stored on the Pandora's SD card.
    • [10]
    • GRUB2 can boot an ISO
  • [11] VICE emulation tutorial.
  • Gallery functionality is really ugly. Something seems wrong.
 The upload directory (public) is not writable by the webserver.
  • Learn more about PNDs
    • Can I mount and then run my own script? I want to pass parameters.
      • Yes, sortof. I've written a script for geany. Port it up here and review existing documentation. Provide it as an example if there's nothing good.
    • Hell, I want to be able to make file associations to a PND.
      • Doable.
    • Learn about editing to fix categories. Most are retarded.
  • Provide instructions to fix the sidebar.
  • Ask to fix the footer.
    • When editing a page, it's pushed to the left. I'd bet someone tinkered with the CSS or templating.
  • Build a list of "troubled pages"
    • Pandora seems out of place.
      • Basic specs should be summarized on the first page.
  • Update MediaWiki (Special:Version says we're 1.32.0-alpha). 1.19.0 was released 2012-05-02.
  • Build a CSS editing todo list
    • Add more space above sections.
    • stylize <tt> and <pre>
  • Outside links should be labelled. I believe there's a configuration option for this.
  • I'm sick and tired of being prompted when adding a link.
    • For the spam "prevention", whitelist various official resources.
    • Replace the damned system entirely.
  • Implement table sorting.
  • Bug: Searching for a string which does not have a page - does not prompt to create the page.
  • Wiki gallery functionality seems semi-broken. See Keyboard.
  • Create an export/backup procedure
    • [12]
    • [13]
    • Ungh, write a script?
    • One guy suggested (from 2005?)
      1. get a list of all pages with specialAllPages
      2. save that list into a text file
      3. replace tab characters with newline (e.g. with sed) giving a list of all wiki pages, each page in a separate line
      4. paste that list into special:export
      5. ensure you save the XML, not the HTML representation
    • UPDATE: WikiTeam has solutions

More personal todo

  • Firefox is horrifically slow.
    • It is said that a zrom will fix this. Update to a more recent beta to have that.
    • It is said that a swapfile will help.
    • UPDATE: Is it still a problem?
    • deleted: Bastard admin deletes pages instead of blanking them out, and doesn't check at what links to those pages.
  • Is there a port of zsh on the Pandora?
    • Maybe port it myself.
  • Research more deeply into lxde. It needs to be spruced up so I can replace the default desktop environment.
    • where is the openbox config? Right now I have to
      \openbox --replace
      Check appdata.
  • panplayer - .flv player, test/review