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Some requests have and may not appear on this list

  • Emulator Plausibility List - A semi-speculative list of which systems the Pandora is likely to emulate, along with status of active emulation projects.
  • Closed Source Projects - A list of closed source / commercial projects that have shown interest / disinterest in the Pandora platform.
  • Port Requests - A catch-all thread for all of the "Wouldn't it be cool if Pandora ran XXXX?" posts. (old one)

If you have a port request, you may add it to this page. If a developer likes the look of it, it might get picked up. Before adding your request, please follow these steps:

  • Check that your request is not already ported or under development on the Repo or in the forums
  • Determine if the request is viable using this flowchart; if not, move to "improbable"
  • Requests need a link to source code
  • Observe alphabetical and categorical order



Name Game Type Link to Source Remarks
Aero Blaster Side scrolling shooter [1]
Adonthell RPG [2]
Alien Arena FPS [3] old alien movie aesthetic
Angstron 2 FPS [4] runs on Nokia N770, N800, and N810
AnUntitledStory Metroidvania [5] Really nice Metroidvania style adventure game. No sources available, so very unlikely.
Apprentice 2 Card [6]
Area 2048 Shmup [7] Fast-paced arena shooter. Ported by M-HT here, source inside the PND
AssaultCube FPS [8] team oriented multiplayer
Bitfighter Puzzle [9] Now available on the repo 2-D space combat with retro graphics, Robotron-like controls and customizable ships
BASIC software ecosystem various monospace, [10] [11] [12] [13] it seems the "open source" basic ecosystem with its own pearls is mostly left to be ported (ptitseb started). free linux interpreter are available (qbasic, freebasic) (this would be also archiving as their pages seems to die and the webarchive has them often not archived)
Black Annex stealth [14] [15] qb64 basic, beta, data proprietary
Blobwars2 TPS [16] aka Blob Wars:Blob And Conquer
Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks BlocksGame [17] Switch with neighbour left/right (also via gravity into gap). Control via keys.
BlueFury ? [18]
bsdgames Terminal-based [19]
bunch of CLI games Terminal-based [20]
BZFlag FPS [21] designed for mouse+keyboard
Cart Life economical simulator [22] (need the open sourced Adventure game studio)
Cho / Trilby adventure, platfomer, stealth [23] games from Zero Punctuation's Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw made with the later open source'd AGS [24]
Chuckie egg platformer [25] pascal, DOS game remake
Cube 1 FPS [26] (works with lunixbochs' GL shim)
Cube 2: Sauerbraten FPS [27] Works (and has good framerates) with lunixbochs' GL shim.
Coldest mech [28]
Crack Attack Puzzle [29] inspired by Tetris Attack
ctp2 Strategy [30] Civilization:Call To Power 2
Cubosphere Puzzle [31] Freeware game similar to the PSX game "Kula World" / "Roll Away".Platform independent, written in C++ and using OpenGL, SDL, libjpeg, LUA, GLSL-Shader. Done here (converted using gl4es)
Cytadela FPS [32] Conversion of Amiga FPS created by Virtual Design in mid 1990's. Available here (converted using glshim)
Danger from the Deep ? [33] WW2 German submarine 3d simulation. Done here, a bit slow, but should be playable on Gigahertz model
Dawn RPG [34]
Dash Border Shmup [35] Arena shmup with focus on lots of speed
DTXmania Rhythm [36] Japanese
Egoboo dungeon crawl [37] Available here, using gl4es
Emilia Pinball Pinball [38] Uses the Allegro renderer, and should thus be easily portable, according to lunixbochs Ported here using gl4es
Dotnuke [39]
Elite space shooter [40]
Empty Clip Action-RPG [41]
Fabled Lands App Gamebook [42] Java
Fall of Imiryn RPG [43]
FlightGear Flight sim [44]
Fofix Music [45] Fret on fire fork
FooBillard Sports [46] Port available here, using glshim.
Footballmanager (and more games) Sports [47] [48]
FreeOrion TBS [49] inspired by Master of Orion. Ported here, using gl4es.
Free Tennis Sports [50]
Fretris, Moonman ... Puzzle [51] C code games by grumpygnome.8m.com
Funguloids Arcade,Puzzle [52] Need OGRE and probably GL Shaders
GameMaker games, open sourced ones various runman spelunky, [53], humble bundle GameMaker allows Freeware exports to linux (we need 1 with a license, only), also there seems to a pretty/fully(?) compatible open source alternative which is faster
Game Of Bases RTS [54] Flash Attack remake
Glest RTS [55]
Glypha Arcade [56][57][58][59] by John Calhoun
GNU shogi board [60] computer shogi (gShogi available)
Hedgewars Artillery [61] Worms clone - done, available here: http://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=hedgewars_ptitseb
Heroes arcade [62] like tron
Heroes of Allacrost RPG [63] Requires GL, glu, openal, lua, sdl_ttf. Done here
Helena The 3rd action-platforming [64] inspired by Blaster Master
iiChantra P.E.A.R. DSO Action, Platform [65] Contra-inspired game with original gameplay and retro-style graphics and music, sequel of iiChantra P.E.A.R.

Previous iiChantra games exist, first part of P.E.A.R. and Halloween version.

Secret Formual Indiespeedrun 2013 stealth platformer [66] also frankengine
IVAN rogue like [67] Excellent rogue like with limb system and wicked humor. In active development again.
Jason Rohrer's public domain games various [68][69] [70] while 4 are ported several more (the newer one) are missing. While fully public domain, donations or buying the content is encouraged
Jack-Claw Action [71]
Kiki the Nano Bot Puzzle [72] mixture of Sokoban and Kula World. Ported here, using glshim
Kollision (from the KDE game pack) Arcade [73] Dodge more and more balls. Desktop control via mouse, desirable if Panda conversion could use nub, dpad or touchscreen.
Kurok FPS [74]
Knyttds Platformer [75]
L-Echo Puzzle [76] Echochrome clone
LinWarrior mech [77]
Lips of Suna dungeon crawl [78]
LOCKJAW puzzle [79] tetris
LordsAWar TBS [80] Warlords II clone
Lunar Lander ? [81] Lunar Lander Clone
Marfitude Music [82] loads a music file and turns it into a level. Graphics coded in SDL
Mario clone platformer [83] Turbo Pascal 5.5 /7.0 should compile in Freepascal, endorsed by Tiger Woods
M.A.R.S. shmup [84] Available here, using glshim
Masashikun Hi Arcade [85] stick figure olympics from Kenta Cho (ABA Games)
Megamek TBS [86]
MegaZeux Arcade [87] game creation system. Available here
Micropolis City sim [88] sim city
Microwar Arcade [89] Space Invaders clone in the cruel world of micro-compter industry
Ms Pacman (nibbles etc) Arcade [90] Pascal written DOS games
Monospace Shooter [91] monospace qbasic game
MotoGT Racing [92] motorcycles. Available here, using glshim
Mu-cade shmup [93] from Kenta Cho (ABA Games)
Netrek Star Trek themed battle sim [94]
Neverball Puzzle [95] similar to Super Monkey Ball. Ported here with gl4es (and levels are not slow anymore)
Nikki and the Robots platformer [96]
Nimuh Puzzle [97] based in the "Theseus and the Minotaur Mazes"
NPRQuake FPS [98] Non-PhotoRealistic rendering of GLQuake. Port available here, using glshim.
Oolite space sim [99] Available here, ported using gl4es
Open Invaders Arcade [100] Another Space Invaders clone, as Classic Invaders (from the repo) is not enough arcade/action like. Would prefer even something better than Open Invaders.
open-ig RTS [101] Java clone of "Imperium Galactica" by Digital Reality
openBVE Train sim [102]
OpenDungeons RTS [103] Dungeon Keeper clone
Paraball Sports [104] Simple volleyball game.uses Fenix
Pax Britannica RTS [105]
Performous Music [106] Karaokee,Guitar,drum,DDR
Pioneer Space Sim space sim [107] A game of lonely space adventure. Needs GL Shaders.
Privateer Gemini Gold space sim [108] patterned after original Wing Commander Privateer and uses Vegastrike engine
Pseudoform FPS [109] portal clone
Race For The Galaxy AI Board [110] Probably needs minor UI tweaks for everything to fit. Ported here by Canceco
Red Eclipse FPS [111] uses cube2 engine
Rogue Survivour zombie rogue like [112] [113]
Roger M wilcox' adventures Adventures [114] .net ports of old TRS-80 adventures
S.C.O.U.R.G.E. Heroes of Lesser Renown RPG [115] 3D rogue-like
Scorched3D Artillery [116] based on Scorched Earth, ported here using glshim.
Secret Maryo Chronicles Platformer [117] ported here using glshim.
Shadowgrounds action [118] Shadowgrounds" and "Shadowgrounds: Survivor
Simulate (a Simon clone) Memory, Puzzle [119] Python PyGame library
Skulltag fps [120] doom with multiplayer focus
Sleep Is Death RPG [121] 2 player only
Smash Battle Platformer [122]
Smokin'Guns FPS [123] Use idTech3 engine. Available here, source of gles port
Soulfu RPG [124] port attempt was unsuccessful. Available here, see here for details
SpaceTrader FPS,Strategy [125]
Speed Dreams Racing [126] TORCS fork
Summoning Wars RPG [127] port should be possible, main issue is some excessive memory use
Super lemon factory arcade [128]
Sunbeam RPG [129] Abandoned project for the gp32
Strange Adventure in infinite space space roguelike [130] Done here, sources here
Stonesense dungeon crawler [131] a dwarf fortress isometric visualizer
Team 47: GoMan mech game [132] DOS game from 1997, source code released 1998
Terminal Velocity flight game [133] [134] source code available under NDA
Tester Phase One Shmup [135] Vertical shmup
The Sea has no claim (and other games from Lukas pope) puzzle [136][137]
Thunder&Lightning Flight sim [138] Done here
Thurn and Taxis Board game [139]
T.o.M.E. RPG [140]
Torus Trooper shmup [141] Gyruss like tube shooter with focus on speed from Kenta Cho (ABA Games)
Trackballs Puzzle [142] available here, using glshim
Tremulous FPS+RTS [143]
Tiplane Turmoil side-srolling shooter [144]
UFO:AI TBS [145] Available on the repo here: [146], sourcecode of GLES port here: [147]
Ultimate Stunts Racing [148] 3D Racing with focus on settings times and making tracks. Available here using glshim.
Vertigo arcade [149]
violetland shooter [150] top down
Warlock's Gauntlet shooter [151]
Warsow FPS [152] requirements similar to Quake 3. Available here, using glshim
WFTO Strategy [153] NBKE fork
Wok Arcade [154] ball tossing game from Kenta Cho (ABA Games)
World of Padman FPS [155] creative death-match weapons and models. On the repo here: [156], sources of the GLES port here: [157]
Xonotic FPS [158] Nexuiz fork lightweight version
Yoda Soccer Sports [159] gameplay and style of Sensible World of Soccer (a.k.a. SWOS)
Zauralign Puzzle [160]
Zelda Classic RPG [161] Zelda engine and game
ZEQ2 Lite Fighting [162] A beta is available here
Z-LOCK Shmup [163] Vertical shmup with focus on lock-on mechanic


Name System Link to Source Remarks
B-EM BBC Micro [164] Compiling B-em 2.1+ for Linux, GP2X port
Mini vMac Macintosh Plus [165] There is an ARM Linux binary available, and I did get it to run on the Pandora quite smoothly, but I have no means to put it into a PND.
Reality Boy Virtual Boy [166] Runs, but slow and without sound in linux :( - Needs Allegro
TwoMbit Sega Master System [167]
Uzem Uzebox [168]

Game Engines

Name Engine Type Link to Source Remarks
Adventure Game studio Making games [169] ported here https://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=ags
BlitzBASIC (Blitz3D, BlitzMax, BlitzPlus) Making games ([170]) [171] released 2014
Colditz Escape Escape From Colditz [172]
Doomsday Doom, Heretic and Hexen [173]
DreamZZT ZZT interpreter [174]
ezQuake Quakeworld [175] QuakeWorld client
FIFE Isometric [176] Ported and can be found in the Unknown Horizon PND [177], but only with SDL backend
Freeprince Prince of Persia [178]
FreeRA Command&Conquer/Red Alert [179]
FSOpen FreeSpace 2 [180] FreeSpace and FreeSpace 2 were ported using different code base. The Babylon Project use FS2Open 3.70
lwjgl Input,Sound,Graphics [181] Requires compilation of native library->OGL2.0 wrappers needed. Minecraft launcher use lwjgl 2.91 combined with glshim
Monocle engine [182]
Newton Game Dynamics Physics [183] Demos are being ported from MFC to Qt
Novashell Lua-based 2D Game/Creation [184] Author interested in Pandora
OpenDarkEngine Dark Engine [186]
OpenMOHAA FPS [187] Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
openmw The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind [188]
PONScripter visual novel [189] Proportional-OnScripter a heavy modified fork of ONScripter-EN that is deliberately backwards-incompatible with ONScripter-EN.

Narcissu: Side 2nd was ported to this engine.

RSD Game-Maker Game creation [190] somegames The 1991 DOS game engine was released in 2014 under MIT.
SLUDGE 2D Adventure creation [191] Engine ported and available inside the Out of Order PND.
Rom check failed platformer arcade [192]
Sphere Game Creation [193]
Syntensity multiplayer 3D [194]
TA3D Total Annihilation remake [195] Ported, available here
X-Ray Engine 1.5 and 1.6 [196] [197] [198]
Zod Zod Recreation with multiplayer focus [199] Ported here by commander-beef

Other programs

Name App Type Link to Source Remarks
Aldrin MIDI Sequencer [200]
Ardour DAW [201]
Art of Illusion 3D modeling [202] Java
BlueGriffon WYSIWYG web editor [203]
Calligra Suite office [204] koffice fork
Celestia space simulation [205]
Clementine Music Manager [206] Amarok 1.4 forked+ported to Qt4 and GStreamer
Dropbox File Management [207] There is a shell script to upload, download, delete and list files from Dropbox.
Ease presentation [208]
Freecad 3D CAD modeler [209]
FreeSpeak translator [210]
Gajim Instant messaging [211]
Gcstar library management [212]
Gnash flash [213]
Gnome Disk Utility Manage storage devices - format, partition, file system check, benchmark test, etc [214] If Pandora users want to compare SD card speeds, benchmark tests only make sense on the target device (the Pandora itself). I propose to port this one, as it has all necessary functions in an easy interface. --Porg 00:14, 19 July 2011 (CEST)
Gnomeradio Radio [215] Gnomeradio is a FM-radio tuner for the GNOME desktop (version 1 and 2). It should work with every FM tuner card that is supported by video4linux.
Gnote notetaking [216] c++ tomboy clone
GnoTime TODO list/diary/journal [217]
GNU Radio Radio [218] GNU Radio is a free software toolkit for learning about, building, and deploying software-defined radio systems. Version needed: 3.5.1 or higher.
Gnucap Circuit Simulation [219] General purpose circuit simulator. It performs nonlinear dc and transient analyses, fourier analysis, and ac analysis.
Gobby Collaborative editor [220]
GoogSysTray System tray [221]
Gramps Genealogical research [222]
Gtrainer Health [223]
Gummi WYSIWYG LATEX editor [224] Live preview pane for document
gwibber microblogging client [225]
Handbrake video transcoder [226]
HTTrack Offline reader/Web crawler [227]
Hydrogen drum machine [228]
Jokosher multi-track studio [229]
Kazam screen capture [230]
Kismet network detector,packet sniffer,intrusion detection [231]
Kolourpaint Pixel graphics editor [232]
KStars Desktop Planetarium Software [233]
KToon 2D Animation [234] Port requires gui changes
LilyPond Musical Score Editor & Engraver [235]
Maemo Mapper geographical mapping [236] designed for 800 × 480
Marble digital globe [237]
Maxima Math [238]
Miro Internet television [239]
Mixxx DJ mixing software [240] Dependencies. There is an 800x480 skin called Outline.
Mosaic-CK browser [241] NCSA Mosaic
MySQL Workbench MySql Database Tools (remote DB administration) [242]
Nathive image editor [243]
OpenAstro.org natal chart generator [244]
Open-rp Remote Play [245] Remotely play PS3
OpenShot movie editor [246]
PCB printed circuit board editor [247]
puddletag audio tag editor [248]
Qucs Circuit Simulation [249] Qucs is an integrated circuit simulator which means you are able to setup a circuit with a graphical user interface (GUI) and simulate the large-signal, small-signal and noise behaviour of the circuit. After that simulation has finished you can view the simulation results on a presentation page or window. Uses QT.
RedNotebook Diary/Journal [250]
Recipe Manager Recipe Manager [251]
Rosegarden sequencer, score editor, composition and editing [252]
Rubrica address book [253]
scribus page layout [254]
Shotwell photo manager [255]
Stellarium Virtual Planetarium [256] Available here
TangoGPS GPS [257] Anstrom Repo pandora
Tilda Quake style terminal [258]
Tor Anonymity network [259]
Traverso DAW Multitrack audio recording & editing [260]
TuxGuitar multitrack guitar tablature editor & player [261]
Zynaddsubfx Software Synthesizer [262]


programs with available source code that are unlikely to be ported

Name App Type Link to Source Reason
0AD RTS [263] high System requirements
Ardentryst Action-RPG [264] high System requirements
Arx Fatalis Action-RPG [265] Done here. Sources here
Capitán Sevilla Platformer [266] Done here. Runs fine with minimum detail.
Dolphin Gamecube Emulator [267] high System requirements
Homeworld space RTS [268] high System requirements. Done, beta available here
Paku paku Pacman clone [269] mostly some DOS Pascal but some assembly
Pcsx 2 PS2 Emulator [270] high system requirements
Penumbra Survival Horror [271] high System requirements
PlaneShift MMORPG [272] requires to much ram
Revenge of the Titans RTS [273] see License. A beta launcher is available here, but is too slow.
VDrift Racing [274] high System requirements. Done, available here
Xdriller Arcade [275] Requires Ogre3D
Zero Ballistics FPS/tank [276] high System requirements