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About NoteCase Pro

NoteCase Pro is an Outliner, i.e. a tool for hierarchical information management.

What makes it unique and especially useful on the Pandora as a tool for keeping all kinds of information is, that it

  • has a large set of professional features, including e.g. task management, powerful HTML export and many others
  • is under constant development with new releases about every two months
  • has been designed with small user interfaces in mind from the beginning
  • is available for most major computing platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Maemo, Android), so files can be shared across computers easily
  • supports strong file encryption, i.e. your data is safe even on the always-with-you Pandora
  • is heavily customizable, e.g. with configurable keyboard shortcuts for each action

Scripting, Plugins

There are various Plugins available for NoteCase Pro (number is growing), that extend the feature range of NoteCase Pro. Simply launch the "Plugin Manager" of NoteCase Pro, in order to see, what Plugins are available.

You can write your own scripts or Plugins easily, no additional IDE or compiler is needed, since even Plugins are completely script-based (using the Lua scripting engine). NoteCase Pro has hundereds of Lua APIs, that can be used to control the program's functions from a script or Plugin.

Do you need a new feature?

Then discuss it with the NoteCase Pro author and/or with experienced script/Plugin authors here (Google group for NoteCase Pro)!



NoteCase Pro screenshot on Pandora