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(This page is maintained by user:spiralofhope.)


CLI Love is a PND application bundle with various commandline programs. Created by StreaK (aka Commander-Beef)

This page will be a bridge between the documentation provided within CLI Love and this wiki. It will allow easy updating and easier navigation.

Only when there is no developer website, or their website is missing information, or we need Pandora-specific information, will anything extra be created on this wiki.

  • There will be no attempts to categorize this list.
    • TODO: Probably doable, since it's done with `helpme`.
  • No opinions, reviews or rankings will be given.
  • No support will be given.
  • The list is kept simple for easy maintenance.
    • It will be in a very specific format which must be followed.

Wouldn't it be awesome if every application:

  • .. had screenshots?
  • .. had a detailed review?
  • .. had a tutorial?
    • .. for each common use?
  • .. had a video or two?
  • .. was checked regularly for updates?
    • .. and an updated CLI Love is created right away?

.. sure. But by what magic can that be done? This is a maintenance effort larger than anything I could imagine. — Spiralofhope-logo-016.png spiralofhope / (talk)

Basic Use

CLI Love is not installed but is run like any other PND. See Introduction to PNDs.

Once cli-love has been launched, the terminal (Stjterm) can be shown with Control-Escape. This is Control-Fn-Q, or RightShoulder-Fn-Q.

  • Shift-Control-t to open a new tab.
  • exit or Control-d to close a tab at the commandline.
    • If an application is running, RightClick > Quit will force a tab to close. This will not necessarily kill the application.
  • Shift-Control-PageUp and Shift-Control-PageDown to view the previous/next tab.
  • Shift-PageUp and Shift-PageDown to scroll up/down.

General Linux commandline help will not be provided here. Note that man and help are installed.

The List

TODO - needs updating


  • [ command ] won't always be exact.
    • For example, mkfs is listed once and its variations are not (mkfs.ext2, etc).

Cli-love scripts

  • apps lists the complete application list.
    • An easy way to get that list into something you can copy-paste, is to run apps in one tab, then Shift-Control-t to open a new tab, and run cat ~/bin/apps.tmp | leafpad
  • newapps lists the most recent 20 apps.
    • newapps (n) lists the most recent n apps.
  • man (command) will show an application's man page.
    • Not all applications have a man page. (FIXME)
  • helpme (command) will show an applications description.
    • These descriptions are manually-maintained. FIXME: Many are missing. TODO: Once this wiki list is finished, needs to be updated. Absorb all knowledge into, possibly rework and then obsolete this wiki page.
    • helpme all will list all descriptions.
    • helpme (category) will list all items for a category
      • one of: multimedia / internet / accessories / system / games / office
  • howto lists How-To Recipes.
    • FIXME: How is it actually used?
  • which (command) will give you the full path, or reveal if the command is an alias or shell function.
  • FIXME: bin/apps.txt exists, but it's basically empty.
  • TODO: All scripts need to be edited and cleaned up.
    • What license are these scripts released as? For a package like this they probably should be public domain, attribution-sharealike, GPL2 (or LGPL?).
    • Move all scripts into their own directory.
    • Identify and remove any polish-language or inapplicable scripts. These should just be in their own "extras" package (just a zip?)
    • Port my colours scripting, and use colours for all scripts.
    • Redo the openpandora logo that's shown at the initial screen.
      • Hell, have a competition to replace it. Colour should be ok too.


  • The terminal is stjterm
  • The shell is GNU bash 3.2
    • TODO: As of 2012-06-20, 4.2 is the latest.

[1] [2] 7zip [ 7z, 7za, 7zr, 7zCon.sfx ] File archiver.

  • TODO: What is 7zCon.sfx ?
  • seems related.

[3] Aurelius Bruzas CD Player [ abcdp ] CD player and CD database.

  • Why include this?

[4] Addressbook [ abook ] Addressbook for the mutt console email client.

UNKNOWN [ abxtext ]

[5] ASCII-art Editor Without A Name [ aecat, aewan, aemakeflic ]

  • FIXME: aecat and aewan don't have man pages.

[6] [7]

UNKNOWN [ aee ]

  • FIXME: Doesn't run. Also it's huge. Whatever it is, it needs to justify its existence or be removed.

[8] [9] util-linux [ agetty, fdisk, fsck, mkfs, mount, mkswap, raw, TODO: MORE ]

[10] The Aime Interpreter [ aime ] C like programming language and an application embeddable interpreter.

[] ImageMagick [ animate ]

  • Most functionality from the ImageMagick suite has been replaced in CLI Love with GraphicsMagick.

[11] [ antiword ] MS Word document convertor.

[12] [ any2djvu ] Helper script for creating DjVu documents (online service)


  • [ ar65, ca65, cc65, cc65paths.txt, chrcvt, cl65, co65, da65, grc65, od65, ld65 ]
    • 6502 cross-development

[?] [ mount.gmailfs ] GMail account as a virtual filesystem.


[14] GraphicsMagick [ TODO: Commands ] Image processing.

  • probably associated: GraphicsMagick++-config, GraphicsMagick-config, GraphicsMagickWand-config

[15] Stjerm Terminal emulator. [ stjterm ]



(DOSBox scripts) [ 4dos, 4dos-scan ]

  • these 2 scrips are prepared especially for dosbox ex : they're making 01.bat's from files *.exe / *.com files found in sub-directories [4dos-scan is an interactive script -- commander-beef[16]
  • FIXME: Unfortunate name. 4DOS is a command line interpreter, one which I'm going to set up in DOSBox! — Spiralofhope-logo-016.png spiralofhope / (talk)

[ addurl ] Adds urls to urls.txt

  • TODO: Research

[ allapps, apps, apps-add, newapps ] List all CLI Love applications.

  • allapps seems to be mostly a duplicate of apps.
  • apps.tmp is just the temp file from running apps.

[17] [ allegro ] Helper script for (Polish language)

  • TODO: Should this even be in CLI Love?

[18] [ amigaremix-dl ] Helper script for

  • TODO: Should this even be in CLI Love?
    • If so, it needs to be edited to actually tell the user what it is and what it does.



  • TODO: Research