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This requires I get wiki administrative access, so that one or more pages can be created, and locked so that regular users cannot see them.

This also allows free user-access to update online documentation. Only a wiki administrator can approve a specific oldid which can be downloaded into a user's local cli-love.

For every wiki documentation page I want to bridge to CLI Love:

1) Create a locked page. Its exact url and oldid will be hard-coded within the cli-love documentation updating script. Example URL:

1a) Within (1) is a reference to a specific wiki page and oldid number. Example content:

2) The cli-love script is be hard-coded to download that locked page (1).

 \wget  -O filename.ext

3) Read its contents of (2) and compare it to an already-known URL.

4) If the already-known URL is different, then download the new content (1a) and overwrite the local version of that document.

 \wget  -O filename.ext

  • Be able to easily force-download all documents, in case there are any issues.