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ED here, welcome to the team.

Official Team

Forum IRC Real name µblog pages mod projects youtube flatter paypal
Evildragon ED Michael Mrozek [1] X Project MOTU [2] [3] address
notaz Grazvydas Ignotas kernel PicoDrive [4] [5]
Mweston Michael Weston board design [6]
DaveC Dave Cancilier case dpad and keymat
skeezix Jeff Mitchell libpnd minimenu Zikzak [7]
mfk M. Fatih Kilic [8] gp2xtr sourcing parts
Pickle Scott Smith GLES PickleLauncher [9]
djwillis John Willis wifi [10]

Helpful People

Forum IRC Real name µblog pages mod projects youtube flatter paypal
stuckie Steven Campbell [11] [12]
Sebt3 X porting
ekianjo [13] Japan Store blog Japan shop [14]
Link Mark J. Linkhorst [15] USA shop
milkshake repo paypal
B-ZaR Teemu Erkkola [16] panorama cli package manager [17]
urjaman u-Boot AVR cross-compiling
Cloudef Jari Vetoniemi neon hardfp glhck [18]
zodttd Benjamin Stark [19] gpSPhone [20] [21]
iprice dev [22]

SL4P SOLEIL paypal
stackshadow Christian Mundt [23] Pandian
mcobit [24]
ingoreis Ingo Reis tester [25]
Exophase no DraStic [27]
drkIIRaziel [28] Reicast [29] HW
_wb_ Jon Sneyers X sysinfo PIV nubnub microbes mod [30]
cpasjuste David Carre pxml, pnd minimenu xda [31]
ptitSeb lots of ports
FZERO gimpshopping
Ivanovic Nils Kneuper wesnoth snes9x
comradekingu Allan Nordhøy wiki, photography [32] [33]
lunixbochs Ryan Hileman [34] X libGL[35] [36]
aTc .Next [37]
PokeParadox Kevin Winfield-Pantoja [38] X [39]
Wally Ben X wiki
Moxie X Vintage electronics
Binky X graphics
TrashyMG Roy Gillotti X OpenTyrian_c4all ports [40]
Gadgetoid Phil Howard [41] X technews rpi [42]
double7 german wiki admin
Løra (Lolla) Laura happiness
Farox Fabrizio blog [43] paypal
vinipsmaker Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira constructive feedback pixeltrickery [44]
Klumpen Real instrument soundtracks
Majin Wamu [45]
stainy Darren Gurney Gamepads [46]

The Moderating team

  • Squidge does know a lot about hardware and software - and therefore he helped us testing various devboards and SoCs from the very beginning.
  • Scott Smith (known as Pickle) joined the community after discovering the GP2X. Soon after he began to support a number of application ports for the GP2X.
  • Shortly before the GPH Wiz released to the public development versions of the Wiz were sent out to help generate porting of existing software to the Wiz.
  • Scott was given one of these units and helped bring many of the existing GP2X software titles to the Wiz. One highlight of the Wiz development work was the first person shooter Quake 1 and 2. This was significant since it was using the opengl-es 1.1 hardware on the Wiz.
  • This brought the attention of some on the Pandora team, since at the time the only running opengl-es software on the Pandora were demos. As a result a development board was sent and shortly after Quake 1/2/3 were running on the Pandora using the SGX hardware. Other software was also ported to the Pandora as well, which most can be seen on Scott’s youtube page. He also helped test out the analog nub’s, which resulted in the first demo of them being used in Quake engines. Scott is currently working on helping to bring more software to the Pandora.
  • In real life Scott is a software engineer in the automotive field in Detroit, Michigan.
  • vimacs doesn't have a devboard yet, but also did help a lot with the .PND fileformat.

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B-zar, gruso, bobbens, superroach, SONY, sswam, wally, moxie, and lots of others, been doing the ones i can find youtube links to thus far. ED headquarters


Add yourself if you want

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old info in discussion
"The Pandora is, simply put, the most versatile hand-held computing device ever made."
"The device I thought I needed for a couple of things and ended up using for nearly everything"
"One piece of community driven, gameplaying, webbrowsing, movie watching, music listening, open, customizable- hotness. Oh and it also plays tetris."
"Open Pandora has made reliving my childhood on the go possible and being open means the possibilities from here on out are endless - I'm in love"
"30 years of gaming experiences in less than 300 cm³"
"It's anything you want it to be/do."
"Pandora- Freedom to develop, work, and game without compromise.
With a dedicated community for support and developing, the Pandora excels to deliver the most incredible nostalgic and homebrew gaming experience ever created!""
"It's better than even I can imagine."
"It's not what it can do. It's what I can do."
"The Pandora has the best DPad I've ever used."
"Definitely one of the better ways to waste a day"
"For over decade people have been forcing their devices to do things manufacturers have tried vehemently to prevent. It doesn't work that way for the Pandora. You are encouraged to push the hardware to it's maximum potential."
"In my opinion, I've found the perfect handheld for me! Between embracing Zeitgeist (playing emulators), flirting with the Muses (enjoying the multimedia applications) and joining Athena in her quest (Learning about the hardware's capabilities and designing my own games), I just can't put it down!"
"Pandora's mix of components means it is versatile enough to adapt to work rest and play. Pandora, I love it."
"Your wifes greatest foe in the battle for your attention"
- Joe Decrescenzo
"Freedom to work and play your way in the palm of your hand."
"Pandora: the retrogamer dream device"
"I've never had as many computers in my pocket as I've had since I got my Pandora!"
"The Pandora keeps getting better and better."
"The pandora is everything i've ever wanted in a handheld...
..and that's an understatement."
"It's every home computer and console i owned before i grew up, everywhere i go."
"When I was a kid, I often daydreamed of how cool and how great it would be for items from science-fiction to exist in the real world - since I received my Pandora, that feeling has been part of my reality every day."