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This is a compatibility list for DOSBox on the Pandora console. You may also want to look at this non-Pandora specific list.

Please click on the little squares to sort by different categories.

Also note: it has been reported that DOSBox works faster before Hotfix 4 or so (of the Pandora's firmware).[1] The reason has not been explored.


If you have tried a game which is not listed here, please update this list to reflect its status and add a statement in the notes if you feel it is necessary (if you're not sure about "year" or "display mode", just leave them blank). If you're not sure about how to edit a wiki, you can also post in this thread.

Some games require specifically set up Conf files to work well. If you have one of these, please share it with others by adding a link here, or adding it inside a HideableNotes template like so: {{HideableNotes|copy+paste text from conf file here}}

Game title Status MHz FS2 DOSBox version1 Year Display mode Comments
Alley Cat Perfect 750 0 0.74svn 1984 CGA
Alien Carnage Not working ? 0.74 1993 VGA I had Alien Carnage crash on me three times. -[2]
Alien Carnage Works well 700 2 0.74svn 1993 VGA {{{1}}} -[3]
Alone In the Dark Works well ? ? 0.74svn 1992 "works well with slow details" [4]
Battle Isle 2 Works well 801 0.74 1994 At 4000 cycles. worked well - played first map - touchscreen and nubs did an excellent job -[5]
Blake Stone Works well 850 7 0.74svn 1993 VGA runs great with the mouse if in the game menu configuration you set mouse sensitivity to Max. [6]
California Games 2 Not working ? 0.74 1993 Doesn't load. -[7] (note: there may be a solution)
Cannon Fodder Works well 825 0.74 1993 -[8]
Captain Comic Perfect 825 0.74 1988 EGA Tested at max cycles. flawless -[9]
Carmageddon Not working ? 0.74 1997 odd vertical lines and the frames are extremely choppy. -[10]
Civilization 1 Perfect ? 0.74 1991 [11]
Comanche: Maximum Overkill Works well 700 0.74 1992 In config remove clouds and set detail to low. runs ok [at 500Mhz]. OVerclock to 650 or 700 and it runs pretty good. -[12]
Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle Works well 865 0 0.74svn 1991 EGA Cycles set to "max", in Minimenu with Background killer. Almost perfect but occasionally stutters.
Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine Works well 865 0 0.74svn 1991 EGA Cycles set to "max", in Minimenu with Background killer. Almost perfect but occasionally stutters.
Commander Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Babysitter Works well 865 0 0.74svn 1991 EGA Cycles set to "max", in Minimenu with Background killer. Almost perfect but occasionally stutters.
Commander Keen 8: Dead in the Desert Playable 865 0 0.74svn 2009 EGA Info. Cycles set to "max", in Minimenu with Background killer. Stutters more than official games.
Dark Forces demo Playable 825 0.74 1995 [13]
Descent Playable 825 0.74 1995 runs slow with graphic settings set to the lowest. not what I'd call playable but not completely unplayable either. -[14]
Dragon Lore Works well ? 0.74 1994 Very playable, although I haven´t entered combat yet. -[15]
Dreamweb Perfect ? 0.74 1992 seems pretty flawless but I only played it for a minute. -[16]
Duke Nukem 3D demo Not working 825 0.74 1996 Tested at max cycles. not playable. loaded and brought up the menu but with the demo playing in the background, I was probably getting 1-2 fps and then freeze. [17]
Dune Works well 500 0.74 1992 [18]
Dungeon Hack Not working ? ? 0.74svn 1993 Doesn't work. [19]
Dungeon Keeper slow ? 0.74 1997 it is very much sub 5FPS and I had to overclock to 850, whack up DosBox's cycles to a mad amount, and stick on the dynarec -[20]
Ecstatica Playable ? 0.74 1994 Looks good but performance may crawl in an action-packed scenario. -[21]
Elder Scrolls Arena Playable 801 0.74 1994 4000 cycles. too slow. but it was in a way playable but only if you´re a die hard enthusiastic. -[22]
Elder Scrolls Dagerfall Not working 801 0.74 1996 4000 cycles. too slow. installation processed finished but afterwards it didn´t want to start, cause of some cd problems. will look into that later. -[23]
Eye of the Beholder Works well ? 0.74 1990 [24]
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon Works well ? 0.74 1991 [25]
Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor Works well ? 0.74 1993 [26]
Fallout 1 Slow 830 0.74 1997 [27]
Fantasy General Works well 801 0.74 1996 4000 cycles. played first map - touchscreen and nubs worked very well -[28]
Gabriel Knight 1 Works well ? 0.74 1993 "works very well" -[29]
Gabriel Knight 2 Works well ? 0.74 1995 SVGA worked very well. It had a small hang-up on the title screen and is a little skippy in some of the game-play but most of the game play has been smooth. -[30] Very playable, cutscenes with occasional stuttering but it doesn´t disrupt the flow of the story. Unfortunately, its lags horribly when some kind of background scrolling takes place...Blame the SVGA graphics and the lack of hardware acceleration. -[31]
Gateway Works well 865 0 0.74svn 1992 VGA Cycles set to "max", in Minimenu with Background killer.
God of Thunder Works well ? 0.74 1993 [32]
Grand Theft Auto Not working 825 0.74 1997 really slow and only half the screen was visible. -[33]
Harvester Slow ? 0.74 1996 Choppy cursor, definitely not playable. . -[34]
Jazz Jackrabbit 1.2 (CD) Works well 850 0.74 1995 VGA See instructions here. Might have weird bug of "left" being held all the time... Okay at 500Mhz, "More-or-less fullspeed" at 850Mhz[35]
Jill of the Jungle Not working 865 0 0.74svn 1992 VGA Doesn't go past episode selection screen.
King's Quest 6 Playable 825 0.74 1992 Tested at max cycles. Start-up was slow but game play is good and the voices are working well. There was, however, no music with the default soundcard settings. After fooling with the game settings, I managed to get music but, in the process, completely destroy the frame rate. So mark it as playable with voices but without music. -[36] [37]
Knights of Xentar Playable ? 0.74 1995 Despite the skippy sound, Knights of Xentar works fine. -[38]
Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos Playable 600 0.74 1993 Runs fine with cycles=1750, fullscreen=800x480, output=overlay... 4000 cycles. intro worked but after selecting a character the game crashed. might have to try that another time. -[39]
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Works well ? 0.74 1987 [40]
Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail Slow ? 0.74 1996 SVGA Maybe too taxing on the graphics department (SVGA graphics and lots of background animations to make things worse). Choppy cursor, definitely not playable. . -[41]
Little Big Adventure Works well 830 0.74 1994 [42]
Lost Eden Works well ? 0.74 1995 Very playable (little slowdowns when certain characters speak but nothing to worry about). -[43]
The Lost Vikings demo Works well ? 0.74 1992 a quick test of the demo seems to be mostly full speed. -[44]
Magic Carpet 1 Slow ? ? 0.74svn 1994 VGA [45]
Magic Carpet 2 Playable 800 8 0.74svn 1995 VGA Works better than Magic Carpet 1. Put everything on lowest including screen size (about quarter screen) [46]
Marble Cooking Works well ? 0.74 1994 For Marble Cooking (and DOS games in general) run the batch file (START.BAT). Works flawlessly for me that way -[47]
Master of Magic Works well ? 0.74 1994 at low clock runs great, but a few 'traqnsitions' (when switching between screens) slow down, so you have to run clocked up so that its playable; I didn't complete any sessions, just fired it up and fiddled around, but looks like it'd be playable. -[48]
Master of Orion 2 Playable 700+ 0.74 1996 Works well, SOUND NOT TESTED, Needs at least 5000 cycles, runs at clocks of 500mhz but runs smoothly at 700+ (requires mouse remap.)[49]
Menzoberranzan Playable ? ? 0.74svn 1994 Works, but slow. [50]
Might and Magic 1 Not working 801 0.74 1986 4000 cycles. dos version always wanted the cd and I had no time to find out how to cope with it. -[51]
Might and Magic 3 Perfect 801 0.74 1991 4000 cycles. excellent -[52]
Might and Magic 4 Perfect 801 0.74 1992 4000 cycles. excellent, absolutely playable -[53]
Might and Magic 5 Perfect 801 0.74 1993 4000 cycles. excellent, absolutely playable -[54]
NetKeen Works well 860 4 0.74svn 2011 EGA configuration Info. See: How to get NetKeen working on the Pandora. Set to FS4. Works best if the other players live close to you.
Nicky Boum Not working 860 0 0.74svn 1992 VGA No speed throttling; runs either too fast or too slow. Amiga version's better anyway. [55]
Noctropolis Perfect ? 0.74 1994 No wonder it works beautifully...After all it was a 1994 game with low requirements (on the 386-SX range and no 3D graphics involved). -[56]
One Must Fall 2097 Works well 800 0.74 1994 Runs well if a little sluggish at 800mhz, turning off a bunch of video options helped. Controls are a bit tricky to set up, you have to set a nub to joystick mode, then in Dosbox config set the joystick to button swap (not doing this will crash when using button 2), then ctrl+f1 after you run Dosbox to map joystick 1 and 2 to your gaming buttons. Left nub is joystick 2 in OMF config. -[57]
Phantasmagoria Works well 825 0.74 1995 Tested at max cycles. worked very well. It had a small hang-up on the title screen and is a little skippy in some of the game-play but most of the game play has been smooth as have the cut scenes (even at full screen). -[58]
Prince of Persia Perfect ? 0 0.74svn 1990 [59]
Princess Maker 2 Works well 700 0.74 1993 Runs sluggish at 500mhz, touchscreen is a useless mess. Playable at that speed but will have sound slowdown. Ran fine at 700mhz. 800mhz+ might prevent occasional music skip. -[60]
Wing Commander: Privateer Slow ? 0.74 1993 tried privateer and i thought it was too slow to play -[61]
Psycho Pinball Playable ? 0.74 1994 Fast scrolling games aren´t friendly with Dosbox in its current state (maybe hardware acceleration could give the needed boost). The Sega Genesis version will suit you better. -[62]
Quest for Glory 1 (VGA remake) Works well 800 0.74 1991 VGA "requires overclocking to ~800MHz for sound and movement to run smoothly." -[63] "works great" -[64]
Quest for Glory 4 (CD) Works well ? 0.74 1994 VGA works great -[65]
Raptor: Call of the Shadows Works well 500 or 600 0.74 1994 Runs pretty well. -[66] Video
Realms of the Haunting Slow 800 ? 0.74svn 1997 won't run smoothly even when overclocking to 800mhz and using dos/32a extender. it runs smoothly in the indoors levels, but when outside it is about 1 fps, 2 at best. [67]
Sam & Max Hit the Road (demo) Works well 825 0.74 1993 Tested at max cycles. incredibly slow without sound but pretty much full speed with sound. -[68]
Second Reality (demo) Playable 500 0.74 1993 at 500mhz it didn't work so well, but setting the pandora to run a bit faster it was pretty smooth on most parts with sound. -[69]
Sim City 2000 Works well ? 0.74 1994 [70]
StarGunner Works well 700 2 0.74svn 1996 VGA scrolling text at the beginning runs slow. [71]
Stonekeep Playable ? 0.74 1995 Surprisingly, it´s nearly playable...well, at least when it comes to basic dungeon crawling (combats decently smooth but that´s one-on-one so far!) FMV cutscenes stutters horribly. -[72]
Space Quest 6 Playable ? 0.74 1995 Seems to need a little push to be enjoyable (it´s actually playable if you have low standards but after a while it may get boring due to low walking speed, even at its max settings). -[73]
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Works well 500 0.74 1992 "I have no idea if it's actually full speed, but all the graphics look sweet, the sound and midi music play fine and the mouse / touchscreen is very useable!" -[74]
Star Wars: X-Wing Playable 800 0.74 1993 Running it @800Mhz and Max cycles in dosbox and digital sound off within the game, it actually run quite smooth in some places. -[75] Video, 2nd video (no music)
System Shock 1 Slow 801 0.74 1994 4000 cycles. worked but too slow even at low details -[76]
UFO: Enemy Unknown Playable 500 0.74 1994 "Touchscreen seems to work OK at 500Mhz but it goes a bit odd at 750Mhz so I had to use the nubs instead :) The zooming in and out of intercepts is jerky but tactical games seem to work fine." -[77]
Terminal Velocity Playable 825 0.74 1995 run slow with graphic settings set to the lowest. not what I'd call playable but not completely unplayable either. -[78]
Tomb Raider demo Not working 825 0.74 1996 Tested at max cycles. not playable. It loaded to gameplay and then tanked after I took 3 steps at about 5 fps. [79]
Ultima Underworld 1 Works well 801 0.74 1992 4000 cycles. [80]
Ultima Underworld 2 Works well 801 0.74 1993 4000 cycles. intro of UW2 [played] without stuttering or anything, but without a mouse it´s quite exhausting to play -[81]
Vinyl Goddess from Mars Playable 865 0 0.74svn 1995 VGA Slows down often. Might be playable with higher frameskip. [82]
Wacky Wheels slow 0.74 1994 VGA tried wacky wheels and its very slow -[83]
Warcraft 2 Playable ? 0.74 1995 SVGA being in SVGA does slow things down quite a bit, but with some overclocking it actually plays pretty well; with a lot of action going on it might slow down, but you can definitely play the first couple levels (I did) in the scenario -[84]
Warlords 2 Deluxe Playable 800 0.74 1995 Playable at 500mhz, touchscreen works fine. Still sluggish at 800mhz though, scrolls map tile by tile pretty slowly. Don't try this one if you're not patient. -[85]
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe Perfect 650 0.74 1990 Playing with touch screen works really well! Very quick and responsive at 600MHz, still very playable at 500Mhz.
Wing Commander Works well ? 0.74 1990 ran great. no problems that I could see. -[86]
Wing Commander 2 Works well ? 0.74 1991 maybe a little slow during some parts but completely playable. -[87]
Wizardry 6 Perfect ? 0.74 1990 [88]
Wizardry 7 Perfect ? 0.74 1992 [89]
Xargon Playable 865 0 0.74svn 1993 VGA Slow & stutters. Might be playable with higher frameskip...

1The latest, 0.74svn, was released on November 9, 2010.