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I do scary dodgy hacks ;)

Homesite: stuckieGAMEZ

Scary Hacks

Extend Utils

Extend Utils - The Extend Utils suite which allows loading of loop files for swap, overlays and OS extensions.

Debian on SD

Debian On SD - OS project to get Debian running on Pandora via SD card; maintaining all Debian and Pandora features.

Other Projects


GLESGAE - GL ES Game Application Engine; an engine originally written for Pandora to aid in GL ES programming and porting to other capable devices.
Not released as yet.

(Possibly) Maintained Ports


  • Recent version available for beta testing as of 20th April 2011

Unmaintained Ports

Unmaintained in the sense that, they've been released and work as far as I'm aware.. unless someone shouts at me otherwise, they'll stay that way!
I'm also not directly keeping an eye on the original package for updates.


  • Technically, this does work completely as intended as they only have multi-player running, and no single player.
  • Might be tempted to upgrade it at some point if there's interest, and there's been an update since.


  • There was a bug report that an HF5 beta had issues with it... will test again once HF5 is final.


  • Had no bug reports from it, I assume it's fine.


  • There's a much better port than the one I quickly put together.


  • Very very quick and hacky port... really needs a rebuild properly - which sebt3 has done, use his instead!

Package Site

My packages can usually be found on .. if linking to this, I'm "stuckie" not "stuckieGAMEZ" or any variation of!

Contact Details

Can be found in irc mostly... PM me if you don't get a response in a timely fashion, and I'll contact you when I'm around.