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Is a wireless communication standart that consist of protocols for communication and seperate ones for the content.

To turn Wifi on the Pandora on/off use: menu ==> "System" ==> "Toggle Bluetooth Status"

To access another device, follow this steps:

  • turn on Bluetooth on Pandora
  • turn on Bluetooth on the other device
  • search on Pandora for other devices
  • find device and pair it to the Pandora
    • if required enter a Pin code

Bluetooth Capabilities

The pandora comes with the following protocols

  • OBEX for exchanging contacts
  • AD2P for audio streams

X to Pandora

From another computer to the Pandora, you can:

You cannot:

  • Browse files on the Pandora?

Pandora to X

From the pandora to another computer, you can:

  • Send files.

You cannot:

  • Browse files on the remote system?

Bluetooth Audio