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This page is intended for anyone who wants to help the wiki, but isn't quite sure what needs to be done.


Specific things

  • Legal Emulation Resources - add info from topic onto the page (this is done for the most part, some links could be missing).
  • USB compatibility list - there seems to be a duplicate of this page (Pandora Hardware), that duplicate should be deleted and redirect here, but I like the layout of the duplicate page more. Maybe that layout should be used on the compatibility list.
  • Take a look at this thread and add anything new to the emulator, games, and software lists.
  • Expand this page: Troubleshooting_common_problems
    Looking through the forums and noting what problems seems to come up a lot could be a start. A list could be put in the discussion section of that page if you don't feel comfortable describing how to possibly solve it, or just linking to related topics could be enough for now.

General things

  • Go through and find pages which aren't being linked to anywhere (this and specifically this can help). Find somewhere that makes sense and add a link to the page there... if necessary, make a new page in the style of Tutorials and documentation. There is some discussion about this here.
  • Go through and make sure each page has an appropriate category, add categories for pages without.
  • If you find any spam pages, please add "[[Category:Spam]]" to the page.
  • Take a look at the recent talk changes for possible things to do.
  • Find old stub (low content) pages and merge with more useful ones. Some pages are just forward looking from pre-release and may not be relevant any more.
  • For any pages you edit, work out how (knowing the page exists) one would navigate to it from the main page, without searching.