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Terminal Commands

I'm pondering whether to add job control into this section, or whether a seperate section would make sense. Eg, & to launch an app in the background, CTRL-Z to stop an app, bg and fg to background and foreground it. It's really handy. -- Gricey

Also, I put a (use with care) next to the killall command. Killall is fun for casual stuff, but you may end up killing more instances of something than you planned. A better way of doing it, though it isn't as fast, is to use ps with grep and kill the specific PID. You can also kill a process by PID from top by pressing k, although your process may not appear in the top list. -- Gricey

I question whether terminal commands should even be in the user manual. The only people who have any cause to be messing around with the CLI are those who already know what they're doing. A casual user might go for years without ever opening a terminal window. An in-depth explanation of terminal commands is a good thing to have somewhere on the wiki, but probably not in this section. All you are likely to do is frighten and confuse people with this information, which they will probably never need to use anyway. Chip 00:30, 7 January 2010 (MET)