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  1. You HAVE to have at least Ångström SuperZaxxon Beta 5a (was tested to work with this release at the time of writing this guide).
  2. Check the [Testing thread] and download the most recent PND from there. Be sure to put the Android PND onto the card that is in your LEFT slot.
  3. For safety reasons, if you want to use a second SD Card with Android, use an empty one. It MIGHT corrupt it. Based on my experience, Android deletes only files in the root directory of the second card. Anything in subdirectories will not be affected.
  4. If your date is not set properly: Do so before starting Android. If the date is in the past, there will be issues with the Google certification.
  5. Start Android from System/Android Gingerbread. It takes a while to boot. Once it has booted up, setup your WiFi connection.
  6. To install APKs, put them onto a second SD Card and run them using the built-in FileManager.
  7. To stop Android, select "Kill Android" from the menu.