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I tried to shed some light on the things that are popular but not on the front page There are now no nested menus, every page on the wiki is categorized

As of right now its kinda hard to tell whats what, since some things are inflated by being on the front page,and alot is forgotten. If someone picks up the slack on games or starts reading the tutorials that would be a reason to keep.

The GL/ES section are too many pages (25), same with PND pages (13), and the slackware pages (36) could be condenced into one seperated by sections # like the debian one is.

There are too many FAQs that could be done away with by way of including that information where its supposed to go.

Lets stop doing urls that are nested menus please. /dir/dir/durr, The software projects i dont know about, needs cleanup.

Some pages are not self explanatory like Developer's Pandora‏‎ (??)

Some are duplicates (mame and mame for example).

I dont know how to do colour codes also, the svg image throws an error if included, link for now

--Kingu (talk) 21:22, 24 June 2013 (CEST)

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