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I have not seen a version of cdrdao that will directly create .cue files. In my experience, when you run a command like

cdrdao read-cd --read-raw --read-subchan rw_raw --datafile GAME_NAME.bin --device /dev/sr0 --driver generic-mmc-raw GAME_NAME.cue

then you will merely get a .toc file mislabeled as a .cue file. In order to actually get a .cue file you would have to run toc2cue on the resulting .toc file.

So to get correct results you should run

cdrdao read-cd --read-raw --read-subchan rw_raw --datafile GAME_NAME.bin --device /dev/sr0 --driver generic-mmc-raw GAME_NAME.toc

followed by

toc2cue GAME_NAME.toc GAME_NAME.cue

The script could easily be modified to do this for you. You could even have it delete the .toc file afterward if you wanted it to. toc2cue is included with cdrdao. CFWhitman 18:50, 19 May 2011 (MEST)