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tv out cable

The Pandora has an official TV-out cable that can be ordered from DragonBox. The cable works with PAL and NTSC, and has a length of 20cm. The connection plugs are all female, so a separate cable (either RCA or S-video) of any desired length should be used to connect it to the TV.

pinout post

Type Colour Description
EXT Black This side connects to the Pandora
Phono Yellow Composite Video Out
Phono Blue Audio Line In (L?)
Phono Black Audio Line In (R?)
Phono White Audio Out (L)
Phono Red Audio Out (R)
SVideo Black S-Video Out

Although mostly used to duplicate what is on the Pandora's screen, the TV-out is a full secondary graphics output, and is capable of running independently from anything on the LCD.[1] For example, DraStic (the Nintendo DS emulator) supports showing one screen on the Pandora LCD and the second one on the TV - which gives one a similar gameplay to the Wii-U.

The blue and black plugs can be used to record audio to the Pandora from an external source (such as from a microphone).