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  • Some problems are linked to the new kernel. Things may improve.
  • Some non-working .pnd are dynamically linked to Angstrom libraries. It's up to .pnd makers to compile static.


Name Working Notes
2h4u No ?
Aliens vs Predator Yes
Aquaventure Yes
Audiorace Yes No sound.
Battle for Wesnoth No libboost_iostreams-mt... missing
Battle Jewels Yes
Bos Wars Yes
Brain Party No Complains about
CannonBall Yes
ccgo No
cgoban No Segfaults.
Crimson Fields Yes
desmume Yes
dega No Complains about libcrypto and fbset.
Dosbox No Not all versions were tested.
Dosbox Ex No Bad options in terminal invocation:.
Dosbox Ex Ultimate Yes
Dosbox F Yes Not all versions were tested.
DraStic Yes
F1 Spirit Yes
FBAcapex The PND has to be slightly modified.
FreeCiv ? Takes too long to load.
FreeCol Yes
Frogatto No cp default/* error.
Ginge No Notaz ? ;^)
GnuRobbo Yes
Gngeo Yes No ROM tested.
Gpsp Yes
Hase Yes
Head Over Heels Yes
Hexahop No Segfaults.
hurrican ?
Hugo Yes
ioquake2 Yes Buggy sound, controls are horrid, and nubs don't work.
ioquake3 No Doesn't work with official firmware either.
lgeneral Yes
lmarble Yes
ltris Yes
Liquid Wars No Complains about libpthread-stubs invalid ELF header.
Mame Ex Yes You may have to relaunch games for it to work.
Mame4all Yes
MD.emu Yes
Liquid Wars No missing.
Mini Slug Yes You may have to relaunch games for it to work.
MSX.emu Yes
Mupen64 Yes The touchscreen doesn't work.
NEO.emu Yes
nestopia ? No ROMS tested.
Not Tetris no ./ line 36: 15096 Segmentation fault.
OpenArena No ./ line 100: 5064 Segmentation fault
pairs Yes
Panmame No Segfaults from the menu.
PCE.emu Yes
PCSX Rearmed Yes
Picodrive Yes
PX68k Yes
Pychess Yes
quake2 yamagi Yes
quake3 nanogl Yes
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Yes modprobe snd_pcm_oss
SDLmame 1 Yes The sound is buggy.
SDLmame 2 Yes
Seventhsense Yes
Shootet Yes
Snes9x4p Yes Fixed with two links. As root: cd /usr/lib && ln -s && ln -s
Starcraft/Broodwar Yes Change fbset to 16 in the /etc/rc.d/rc.local and depth to 16 in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-screen.conf. No sound for now.
Starpusher No No module named pygame. [NOTE: Could possibly be fixed by installing the wxpython PND?]
Super Geometry Dust Yes
Supertux Yes
Temper Yes
Tuxfootball Yes
UAE4all Yes
Vektar Yes
xboard Yes
Rrootage Yes Runs but you can't exit and the nubs don't work.
xlincity Yes


Name Working Notes
alsaplayer Yes
Brasero Yes
Deadbeef yes
Exaile yes
Groove yes
Minitube yes
Pandora Image Viewer yes
Panplayer no
Rockbox yes
smplayer2 yes
Sunvox yes As root: cd /usr/lib && ln -s
VLC no


Name Working Notes
LibreOffice Yes
NoteCase Pro Yes up to SL4P 14.0-5 additional lib symlinks are needed: as root enter:

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

X48 HP48 emulator Yes


Name Working Notes