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VNC is not a secure protocol

  • So don't use it over an unsecured network, like internet.
  • There are methods to secure VNC, one of the neatest is to drive VNC through a SSH tunnel. Will explain this later.

Pandora as a shared graphical environment client, ie. Xfce

  • Type:
x11vnc --forever --display :0
  • You can now connect from outside, using the port 5900, and manage what is displayed on the real OP screen.
  • To make this permanent under Xfce, go in the menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Session and Startup -> Application Autostart tab, then check "x11vnc".

Pandora as a standalone VNC server

  • As user, launch:
  • You're prompted to create a password, then prompted again for a view-only password, ie. for an observer-only.
  • For security reasons, avoid typing the same as those you created for your Linux accounts.
  • Then the vncserver starts and gives you this info:
Log file is /home/user/.vnc/darkstar:1.log
  • The :1 means the server run on graphical server :1 . The normal display you use when you're under, ie. Xfce, is :0 .
  • You can now connect from outside, using the port 5901. If you run a second server :2, you will connect to it using the port 5902, etc..

Pandora as VNC client

  • I just realized i shipped no basic client. Will look at it.
  • Anyway, on 13.37, i compiled remmina, which is a pretty advanced VNC client.
  • Install remmina + dependencies.
  • Investigate for dependencies here.
  • Download packages here.