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It allows a certain degree of automation in solving the dependencies puzzle for you. In short: it crawls the REQUIRED field in package descriptions recursively and adds all of the found requirements (i.e. dependencies) to a queue file which then can easily be used with sbopkg. You can find a proper tutorial right here: sqg in a nutshell. A friendly reminder: checking dependencies is not featured in slackware on purpose. sqg heavily relies on proper slackbuild scripts and may miss dependencies (tho it's working really well for me). Also you will need to keep an eye on the build order.

  • To build queue files for individual packages:
sqg -p "packagename1" "packagename2"
  • To build queue files for all packages (may take ages...):
sqg -a
  • Then you have to put those queue files in /var/lib/sbopkg/queues/ and execute them through sbopkg.
  • Thanks to KickAss for this article