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What is a rootkit ?

  • Check the Wikipedia definition here.

How to scan them ?

  • I ship two tools for this purpose: chkrootkit and rkhunter.
  • Their utilization is pretty simple, and i'll let you read their man pages.

Something to know

  • It's a pretty bad idea to run a self-test on a machine, because if it's already compromised, embedded security tools may also have been hacked.
  • The best option is to check the target drive (the suspicious one) on a clean machine. This target drive SHOULD be mounted as read-only.

The Pandora way

  • So to check a SD card, or a USB drive, don't use Xfce, as it will automount as read-write the target drive.


  • During a scan, you will likely encounter false positives (false warnings). This can be harmless. Don't blindly stress, keep cool, and analyze the results.