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  • Since august 2011, i'm working on an automatized PXE boot server installation.
  • The goal is to setup a boot server in a few steps, in the same spirit than my SL4P build system.
  • Then you can boot over a network one or more PC with your Pandora.
  • The most known PXE boot server is LTSP.
  • My system works well on PC, the hardest part of the work is done.
  • I need to rework it for the Pandora, it's just a matter of time.

So it's a beta here

-a Pandora
-a 8G SD card
-an USB to ethernet adapter
-a x86 PC PXE-capable
  • You can use a ethernet hub or switch, or connect the OP directly to your PC with a cross cable.
  • What you need to do after having installed SL4P:
-disable or unplug any DHCP server on your network
-plug your USB to ethernet adapter into your OP
-just boot the OP, all is already configured
-boot your PC using PXE
-on the PC, the login is root, and there is no password
-startx will launch Xfce on your PC
  • In the client kernel, i compiled in the most used network cards, like 3com, intel, broadcom, nvidia etc... so it _should_ work on yours.
  • The shutdown of the PC is not handled properly.
  • Be careful if you mount your local hard drive, unmount it before stopping the PC.