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Openpandora Ltd

(not to be confused with Openpandora GmbH) Openpandora Limited is an English company, run by Craig Joseph Rothwell along with boardmembers in his family. Debbie-Leigh Jones is Craig Joseph Victor Rothwells half sister, Jacquelyn Jones is their mother.

Company members and shareholders

  1. Craig Rothwell 26 Feb 2008 ⇒ Present day (5 Years ) Director
  2. Jacquelyn Jones 26 Feb 2008 ⇒ Present day (5 Years ) Company Secretary 14 Feb 2012 ⇒ Present day (1 Year ) Director
  3. Debbie-leigh Jones 14 Feb 2012 ⇒ 1 May 2013 (1 Year ) Director

How to get refunds

  • Openpandora ltd. has lots of liablities in undelivered goods to customers, here is how you can get that money refunded.
  • The company is still active, and a voluntary dissulution has been contested by members of the community, pending a full liquidation.[[1]] [[2]]


  • If you live in the UK, you can file a small claims dispute It costs 25£ to do so, a little bit more if your claim is bigger than 300 pounds.
  • The Moneyclaim online service have a help desk number. They are very helpful so if you want to act, get their advice and also try the CAB.
  • MoneyClaimOnline: e-maili your query to: alternatively please telephone us on 0300 123 1057.

Citizens Advice:

Openpandora Ltd.

Registered Address:
26 Meadow Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE15 7LP
United Kingdom

Trading Address:
26 Meadow Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE15 7LP

all company papers relating to events below.
2013 not included.


  • Craig Rothwell lies to CC about incoming stock forecast. (CC was partly to blame letting boards oxidize meanwhile, but it all goes back to Craig Rothwell in that no contract was made.)
  • Bank account canceled/paypal
  • Preorder dev software fund was never used to fund software, instead it was claimed this money had been spent on dev units.
  • ICP1 shipments were late and problematic (another company, but same owner)
  • Mini metal pandoras and support badges were late, and problematic, some goods never delivered.
  • Google wallet account canceled.
  • Craig Rothwell did not want to disclose his preorder unit queue number. This is not a singular event.
  • Mar 2011 Craig Rothwell removes himself from administrator list following peer pressure, still retains admin powers
  • Offer to do drop shipping sales of pandoras declined.
  • 1GHz scandal, takes additional preorders and upgrades, late and problematic, some goods never delivered.
  • Preorders divided into all sorts of queues, failing basic arithmetic.
  • Does not use full sum of money received after ED lifted the stock off him for refunds.
  • Does not pay for 1GHz units from ED of openpandora GmbH, leaving him no choice but to cut this from the remainder of the openpandora ltd preorder queue described in the business plan.
  • Preorder numbers turn out to be higher than what was disclosed.
  • ICP2 scandal kickstarter, late and problematic, no goods delivered. (another company, same Craig Rothwell)
  • No communication from Craig Rothwell, while this is a reoccurring pattern, now even less than the earlier lacking communication.
  • Undercutting business by selling refurb items from gbax site in attempt to shut down gbax business.
  • Ebay account of company member JACQUELYN JONES account: happyface4918 CLICKCLACKKNITS is used to sell pandoras on the side.
"I don't have any investors, our accounts have always been filed correctly and on time and there are no issues with them."

Only partly true, attempt to get investors on craigs part never came into frutition

  • Craig Rothwell does not send out vouchers from ED for the customers he sold TV-out cables [3]

company timeline

  • 04 Jul 2014Voluntary Dissolution Suspended
  • 14 Feb 2014Annual Returns
  • 02 Dec 2013 Change of Accounting Reference Date
  • 30 Nov 2013 Accounts Filed at Company Registration Office
  • 23 Nov 2013 Suspension of striking off letter
  • 23 Nov 2013 Voluntary Dissolution Suspended
  • 18 Nov 2013 Voluntary Dissolution Requested
    DS01 1/2
    DS01 2/2
  • 05 Nov 2013 Change of Officers
  • TM01 - Termination of appointment of director APPOINTMENT TERMINATED, DIRECTOR DEBBIE-LEIGH JONES
  • 01 May 2013 Accounts
  • 14 Feb 2013 Annual Returns
  • 30 Nov 2012 Accounts Filed at Company Registration Office
  • 23 Mar 2012 Ammended Accounts Filed
  • 28 Feb 2012 Accounts
  • 14 Feb 2012 Change of Officers
  • 14 Feb 2012 Annual Returns
  • 30 Nov 2011 Accounts Filed at Company Registration Office
    28 Feb 2011Accounts
  • 26 Feb 2011 Annual Returns
  • 30 Nov 2010 Accounts Filed at Company Registration Office
  • 26 Apr 2010 Ammended Accounts Filed
  • 28 Feb 2010 Accounts
  • 26 Feb 2010 Annual Returns
  • 26 Dec 2009 Accounts Filed at Company Registration Office
    28 Feb 2009Accounts
  • 26 Feb 2009 Annual Returns
  • 26 Feb 2008 Founded