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This is a suggestion by Porg. Participation is welcome! Discussion takes place in this thread.

In the user registration process at the various Open Pandora related sites (board, wiki, repo, bugtracker, …) Porg suggests to display the following hint:

Before registering your username here, you can run the Pandora sphere username checker, which tests whether the username already exists within any other OpenPandora related sites:

  • As a courtesy to other users, in order to not take their name away on other sites.
  • For your own convenience, to achieve a uniform nickname on all the OpenPandora sites, as a new arriving community member.


  1. Which Open Pandora relates websites (with user registration) are there? Anyone please add the URLs to the list below.
  2. Which site operators are willing to cooperate? Site operators, please confirm your readiness, by writing your name plus short note next to the URL. Requirements for participating site operators:
    1. Offer a software interface (API) for testing whether a username exists at your site.
    2. Display the hint and link to or embed the checking service (iframe) into the registration page/process of your site.
  3. We need a web developer to create that multisite username checking service. Developer volunteers, please participate in the discussion process, or enlist your dedication right below.


URL of a Open Pandora related website which uses user registrations/logins + site operator(s) (nick)name and confirmation of participation + optional remarks:

Official Sites: — Compo4all MAME - ladder/scoreboard competition for classic arcade games

Unofficial Sites:

Alternate Language Sites: (German) (German) (Japenese) (russian) (Italian) (French) (Turkish)


Developers, who are willing to realize the multisite username checking service, please enlist your (nick)name and confirmation of participation plus optional remarks here: