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OpenPandora Audio Hardware

Audio Features

The Pandora has a high quality Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC). The sound signal from the processor is passed to an analogue amplifier, and at this point a signal from the volume control wheel is applied (so the OS has no visibility of the volume wheel, you have a final physical control over the volume). There is a built in microphone (on the right hinge), and a multi-terminal 3.5mm jack. Plugging in to the jack will disconnect the internal speakers. Note that ipod specific headphones use a different pin-out and are not compatible with the Pandora. Normal stereo headphones are compatible.

This jack input allows to plug a headphone + microphone headset (4 pins 3.5mm jack). See Pandora Hackers Manual page 18.

Technical Specifications

  • |VA2+ audio and video processor using TI's DaVinci™ technology (430MHz C64x DSP) Hardware
  • Stereo line level inputs and outputs
  • Two Speakers in Display Housing
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack on Front

Volume Wheel


Boosting Audio Volume

From urjaman[1]: If you want to over-amplify (will crackle if you overdo it == play loud recording with high volume) the audio with the software volume control (eg. I just watched firefly with my Pandora and really couldn't hear it properly with the integrated speakers because it was too quiet recording), modify .asoundrc(add the + line, without the +):

pcm.softvol {
        type softvol
        slave {
                pcm     "dmixed"
        control {
                name    "Master"
                card 0
+       max_dB 12.0

You can change the max_dB to suit yourself, but 12 is a good starting value if you have no idea (it's what the winamp preamp allows by default, some audio card drivers, etc). If it's too loud (crackling) after this, you can also just compensate with the XFCE mixer (or alsamixer from terminal) (the analog volume scroll wont fix this).