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1. Introduction 2. Unboxing the Pandora 3. First boot 4. Getting additional Software 5. Troubleshooting

1. Introduction

The OpenPandora is a fantastic little pocket sized computer which you can play games, be productive , listen to music, learn about linux and watch some videos with battery life of 10+ hours.If you are looking to purchase or have purchased the OpenPandora and would like to get the basic rundown on the device you have come to the right place.

2. Unboxing the Pandora

When you receive your OpenPandora you will find that it is packed into a nice box containing: OpenPandora Battery Power Cable Stylus in slot

First thing to do is assemble the unit and open Battery case which is indeed tight and install the battery by sliding towards the prongs and placing cover over. The battery cover should fit snuggly and must not protrude out of the device in anyway otherwise the battery may not hold charge correctly. Like all electronic devices the Pandora won't be fully-charged when you receive it. It is a good idea to plug the Pandora in to mains power to charge until battery reaches 100% so that you can maximise your playtime. You should also insert your SD cards in the device. There's no recommended minimum storage requirements but I would definitely recommend you don't use SD cards less than 16GB. Personally I use 64GB / 128GB cards and they work great.

3. First Boot You would have noticed when the battery was installed the Pandora sprung to life. Now you just need to run through the first boot wizard which is pretty self explanatory doing stuff like setting date / time, location, usernames and passwords then it comes to selecting your GUI. xFCE is if you want more of a desktop computer approach where as mini menu is if you wish to have more of a portable experience. It is recommended you update your OpenPandora as the software may have been improved after shipping.

5. Troubleshooting & Support:

If you're having issues at any time with your Pandora it is recommended you post your issue in the Pandora Support section on the official boards for further advice.