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3doh is a 3DO Emulator ported on Pandora by Ekianjo, based on Freedo and 4do and created by Gabriel Cabral in the first place.

Current stable version is 0.1 from Jan 14th 2014.

Adding to the Compatibility List

Choose a playability color that reflects a game's best playability state. Also include the clockspeed at which you ran it, for whichever Pandora version you tested. Please also indicate in the name of the Game whether the version is US/EU/JP, since compatibility may differ depending on regions. You may also add specific conditions you specified in the settings if they differ from the defaults. As for the SGC driver, please write "default" if you did not change your driver vs what was in the firmware.

Don't post a redundant entry unless you are using a different Pandora model and the playability differs from an existing entry. If a game's playability gets worse (new bugs, new crashes) in a new PPSSPP version, update the entry and add that to notes.

Playability Description
Fullspeed Games with a green background run at fullspeed and are fully playable from start to finish. If frameskip is required, add to notes.
Playable Games with a yellow background run slower than fullspeed, but are otherwise fully playable. Add problems/slowdowns to notes.
Incomplete Games with an orange background have playability issues and cannot be played from start to finish. This may include missing functionality (wifi) or game crashes. Add problems to notes.
Unplayable Games with a red background are unplayable. They either don't run at all, or don't get past the intro. Add any other oddities to notes.
N/A Games with a white background have not been fully tested. If you see one on this list, try it out and report back!

If you are inclined, post your forum username at the end of your notes so you can be contacted by PtitSeb about further debugging your problems.

The Compatibility List

You can sort the columns by clicking the table header.

Game Name and Region 3doh Version Pandora Model SGX driver SZ version Frequency Notes on Settings Status
Road Rash (US) 0.1 1GHz 4.03.02 1.60 1200 Mhz Playable but slow and not full speed. Music stutters constantly. Yellow
Gex (US) 0.1 1GHz 4.03.02 1.60 1200 Mhz Playable but slow and not full speed. Music stutters constantly. Yellow