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Hi there! ;)

I left the boards (~2011) for a while, the mess of the first batch production made me sad and it was a good decision to get some distance. I'm surprised what you have done to the wiki meanwhile and i'm happy that i will have a good source of information when my pandora arrives.

I like that i can update information and would like to contribute as far as i found outdated content.

2012-05-07 07:77 Waiting for the door bell.

personal firmware reinstallation

My steps after a reset of the pandora firmware.

I'm on SuperZaxxon 1.55 and happy with actual (2013-11) repo versions. (pcsx rearmed non working keys are fixed.) Due to movement of the refering links and the firmware archive i still recommend to keep a backup of your favorite firmware version in a save place.

  • install SuperZaxxon 1.55
  • install codecpack
  • install PNDmanager
  • install java

modfiy terminal color mode by opening terminal

  • nano .bashrc
  • remove # in front of ls lines to activate color
  • save with right shoulder button (CTRL) + x

fix find, type

  • sudo opkg upgrade findutils

wiki translation

now (2013-11) pandorawiki have the translate extension. looks complicate at first. as i feel like one of the last man standing of the german wiki it's irony i found a translate tutorial on the team fortress wiki. Looks nice and they have experience with the translate extension and a lot of languages. We could avoid mistakes if we "cheat" and learn from them.

Uh, warning. They use a lot of templates we may not need. Requires to look in detail...