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Name Release date
State Version Authors Type Notes Download
AbiWord 2011-01-17 sebt3 (packaging) Office - word processor Stand-alone PND. Discussion Download
Alarm Clock 2011-02-01 beta sebt3 (port) Office Discussion Download Archive
Anki 2011-04-20 1.2.8-drack3 Drack (port) Office - memory aid Discussion 1 2 Download
Arora (for Minimenu) 2010-05-26 Skeezix (quick hack) Network - web browser Needed to run Arora from Minimenu Archive
Audacious 2011-03-07 2.4.4 sebt3 (port) Audio - music player Discussion Download
Audacity 2011-04-21 1.3.12 slaeshjag (port) Audio - audio editor, recorder Discussion: GP32X OP Download
Background killer 2010-06-07 Notaz System Kill background tasks in minimenu. Apps
Banshee 2010-10-23 sebt3 (port) Audio - music player Discussion Download
Better battery charging 2011-03-13 beta WizardStan System Discussion. Not a PND; must install from terminal. Download
Bluefish Editor 2011-03-13 2.0.3 mcobit (port) Network - web design Discussion Archive
Bournal 2010-08-11 Office - journal encrypted diary program Archive
Brasero 2011-03-01 mcobit (port) System - CD/DVD burner Discussion Archive
Catlooking Writer 2011-03-28 mcobit (port) Office - word processor Discussion Archive
Chromium 2010-09-04 The Chromium Authors, EvilDragon (port) Network - web browser Discussion. SSL now works Archive
Chromium-Dev v 2011-01-16 0.0.642.1 The Chromium Authors, EvilDragon (port) Network - web browser Discussion (old). The latest (non-stable) snapshot. Archive
Claunch 2010-10-14 beta Lamoxx System - app launcher Discussion Download
Claws Mail 2010-10-03 sebt3 (port) Network - mail client Stand-alone PND. Discussion. Hopefully doesn't save to NAND (testing needed). Download Archive
Cmus 2010-11-27 otherguy66 (port) Audio - music player Discussion. Installed to NAND (1mb). Text mode player Archive
Code::blocks 2010-06-07 sinoth (port) Development - IDE Discussion. Download
Community Codec Package 2010-05-25 Pandora team System Make sure you have this installed Apps Official site
Comix 2010-06-30 Pontus Ekberg Graphics - image viewer Apps
Conky 2010-08-03 daniel3000 (port) System System monitor. Discussion Download
Converseen 2011-03-03 mcobit (port) Graphics - image editor Discussion Archive
name=DarCalc date=2010-08-28 state= version= authors=JP category=Office - calculator notes=See also the calculator emulators [[Emulator list archive=Archive


Deadbeef 2010-11-01 0.4.3 CME (port), sebt3 (port) Audio - music player Discussion Download
dia 2010-10-03 sebt3 (port) Office - diagrams Discussion Download
DrawSWF 2010-07-10 beta Chrysipp (port) Graphics - vector drawing Discussion (German). Must have Java.pnd installed. Download
Effigy (PEF) Emulator Frontend 2011-04-04 beta Aimless_E System - frontend Discussion (old) Download
Ekiga 2010-10-29 beta sebt3 (port) Network - VOIP Discussion. Online phone & video calls. Doesn't work Download
Emelfm2 2011-03-09 mcobit (port) System - file manager Discussion Archive
Empathy 2011-03-08 beta 2.29.6 sebt3 (port) Network - IM client Discussion. No networks included yet. Download
Enna 2010-07-08 beta sebt3 (port) Media player Discussion Download
Exaile 2010-04-28 Pickle (port) Audio - music player Needs Community Codec Pack to run Archive Apps
Extend Utils 2010-06-22 Stuckie System Discussion: 1, 2. Debian in an extend. Allows you to run over 29,000 programs. Download
F3 2010-10-17 slaeshjag (port) System Test for fake flash memory (like H2testw). Discussion Download
FBReader 2010-07-26 0.12.10 zx81 (port) Office - eBook Reader Archive Apps
Fennec 2011-02-03 beta 4.0b3 Mozilla Team, EvilDragon (port) Network - web browser Discussion Archive Apps
Fennec 2010-05-30 3.6.3 Mozilla Team, Iampanis (port) Network - web browser mobile version of FireFox Apps
Figaro's Password Manager 2 2010-11-30 beta mcobit (port) System - passwords Discussion Archive
Firefox 2010-06-14 Evildragon (port) Network - web browser Archive Apps
Firefox 2011-01-28 3.6.13 Mozilla team, hdonk (port) Network - web browser Discussion (old), news/discussion Apps
Firefox 2011-02-01 beta 4.0B10 Mozilla team, hdonk (port) Network - web browser Discussion Apps
FlipClock 2011-02-05 beta torpor (port) Office Discussion, also here Download
Fotoxx 2010-12-06 Kornelix
mcobit (port)
Graphics - photo editor & manager Discussion Archive
Freemind 2011-03-10
0.9.0 mash (port) Office - mind mapping Discussion (old) . Needs java.pnd installed. Archive
GanttProject 2011-03-19 2.0.10 mash (port) Office - project management Discussion Wiki article. Needs Java.pnd Download Archive
GCalc 2010-11-23 mcobit (port) Office - calculator Discussion. Needs java.pnd installed. See also the calculator emulators Emulator list Archive
gCalctool 2011-02-26 mash (port) Office - calculator Discussion. Download
Geany 2010-09-16 0.19-1 bompo (port) Office - text editor Discussion Archive Download
gedit 2010-10-03 sebt3 (port) Office - text editor Discussion Download
gerbv 2010-09-14 bompo (port) Office - EDA viewer for Gerber RS-274X, Excellon drill, & CSV pick-and-place files Archive
Get iPlayer 2011-04-23 freamon (port) Multimedia - File Downloader Discussion Repo
gFTP 2010-07-01 beta 2.0.18 sebt3 (port) Network - FTP client Discussion Download
GIMP 2011-04-07 sebt3 (port) Graphics - image editor Discussion Repo
GIMP 2010-06-06 beta 2.6 Stuckie (quick hack) Graphics - image editor Read instructions here Download
Gmu Music Player 2010-12-29 0.7.2 wejp Audio - music player Discussion (old) Download
Gnomad 2 2010-10-18 sebt3 (port) Audio - music manager Discussion Download
Gnome Music Player Client (GMPC) 2010-08-01 beta 0.20.0 tsh (port) Audio - music player Discussion Download
Gnumeric 2011-01-17 sebt3 (port) Office - spreadsheet Stand-alone PND. Discussion Download
GoldenDict 2010-09-27 0.9.0Svn Hitnrun (port) Office - dictionary Discussion Archive Download
GParted 2011-02-05 sebt3 (port) System - partition Discussion Download
gPicView 2011-03-10 sebt3 (port) Graphics - image viewer Discussion Download
GQview 2010-07-27 daniel3000 (port) Graphics - image viewer Discussion Download
Grafx2 2010-12-30 pulkomandy, yrizoud, mcobit (port) Graphics - image editor Discussion. For pixel art. Archive
Grafx2 SVN v1713 2011-02-26 pulkomandy, yrizoud, et al. Graphics - image editor For pixel art. Archive
GrooveShark Player 2011-03-11 Elias Woods, coldbird (port) Network - music streaming Discussion: GP32X OP. Grooveshark client. Archive
Groove 2010-07-19 Elias Woods, bompo (port) Network - music streaming Discussion. Grooveshark client. Warning: Download
GRsync 2011-03-03 mcobit (port) System - file manager Discussion. Synchronize folders & files, make backups Archive
Gwaei 2010-11-26 Zachary Dovel
mcobit (port)
Office - dictionary Discussion. Japanese-English. Archive
hfsutils 2011-03-10 Silent-Hunter (port) System Discussion. For reading & writing Macintosh file systems. Download
HomeBank 2011-02-26 4.3 Maxime Doyen, mcobit (port) Office - money manager Discussion Archive
Hotfix 5 2011-03-04 Pandora team System Make sure you have this installed. Discussion: GP32X OP Official site
Inkscape 2010-10-08 beta sebt3 (port) Graphics - vector drawing Discussion. Currently very slow. Download
Java Pnd 2010-11-21 beta WizardStan (port) System - dependency Discussion. Run Java apps. Download
jEdit 2010-11-22 mcobit (port) Office - text editor Discussion. For programmers. Needs java.pnd installed. Archive
jChemPaint 2010-11-23 mcobit (port) Graphics - molecule drawing Discussion. Needs java.pnd installed. Archive
jMol 2010-11-22 mcobit (port) Graphics - molecule viewing in 3D Discussion. Needs java.pnd installed. Archive
jMP3 Player 2010-07-10 jaijuju Audio - music player Website. Java.pnd required. Download
Jumanji 2011-03-03 b3w (port) Network - web browser Discussion (German). Wiki Download Apps
KCHMViewer 2010-10-05 5.2 Hitnrun (port) Office - CHM Reader Discussion. Windows help files reader. Archive
KDiff 3 2011-02-03 Joachim Eibl System Discussion. Merge 2 or 3 text input files or directories Archive
Keyboard layout changer 2011-03-18 slaeshjag System - configuration Discussion. Shows up in Settings as Keyboard Layout Download
Liferea 2010-07-06 sebt3 (port) Network - RSS Reader Discussion Download
Lightweight2 2011-04-09 cpttom, mcobit (port), Zero3K (port) Network - web browser Discussion. Small, fast browser. Repo
Links2 2011-03-10 mash (port) Network - web browser Discussion. Archive
Linksys AE1000 USB Wifi (installer) 2011-04-01 Jey123456 Network - USB Wifi driver Discussion. Get internet anywhere. Download
Linphone 2011-01-20 beta sebt3 (port) Network - VOIP Discussion. Online phone calls. Download
Lynx 2011-02-28 2.8.7 Mhaws (port) Network - web browser Discussion Archive
Me TV 2010-10-19 sebt3 (port) Network - digital TV Discussion Download
Merkaartor 2011-01-27 0.17.0 sebt3 (port) Office - openstreetmap editor Discussion Download
Midnightcommander 2011-03-27 mcobit (port) System - file manager Discussion: OP GP32X Archive
Midori 2011-04-05 0.3.3-1 slaeshjag (port) Network - web browser Discussion Fixed version of Midori. Download
MilkyTracker 2010-06-23 Stuckie (port) Audio - music tracker Discussion Archive Apps
Minitube 2011-04-09 Flavio Tordini, sebt3 (port) Network - Youtube client Discussion: v1.1 v1.3 v1.4. Youtube browser/player Download Repo
mtPaint 2010-07-27
Mark Tyler, daniel3000 (port 1), chris_c (port 2) Graphics - image editor Discussion. For painting & pixel art. Ported twice. Download (port 1) Archive (port 2)
MuPDF 2011-04-13 b3w (port) Office - PDF viewer Discussion (German). Download
Mutt 2011-03-01 mash (port) Network - email client Discussion. Text-based. Archive
MyPaint 2011-02-27 First (port) Graphics - image editor Discussion. Website. Has pressure sensitivity. Download
ncmpcpp4P 2011-03-01 remogatto (port) Audio - music player Discussion. Website ncurses-based music player Download
Netsurf 2011-03-08 2.6 slaeshjag(port) Network - web browser Discussion: OP GP32X No SSL support Download
Nightvision 2011-03-12 3.0 F_Slim (port) Office - planetarium Discussion (German}. Needs java.pnd installed. May not work in HF5 Download
Ommpc 2010-10-06 0.5.4 Tim Temple Audio - music player MPD client Discussion Archive
OSM2Go 2010-10-20 sebt3 (port) Office - openstreetmap editor Download
Osmo 2010-09-03 beta sebt3 (port) Office - personal organizer Website Discussion Download
PanDebian 2011-02-04 Gregor System Discussion. Extend Utils alternative for Angstrom-Debian cooperation Download
Pandora Fractals 2010-08-26 Or Green Graphics - fractals fractal generator. Discussion Apps
Pandora SD Installer 2011-03-19 1.2 Dave1234 System Discussion. Install Pandora OS to your SD card. Download
PanPlayer Beta 4 2011-02-24 JDGBOLT Media player Needs Hotfix 5. Discussion. Optimized mplayer build Archive Apps
Pencil 2010-11-04 beta 0.4.4b sebt3 (port) Graphics - animation Discussion. 2D animation & drawing. Download
Pepviewer 2011-02-22 Skadus (port) Graphics - image viewer Discussion. Ported from PSP. Download
Pidgin 2011-03-03 2.7.10 sebt3 (port) Network - IM client Discussion. This version no longer uses NAND to store data. Download
PNDbuilder 2011-02-22 1.1 freedomdown (Ryan Dallaire) Development Discussion. Graphical PND maker. Download
PS3 Bluetooth Controller - Sixpair Utility 2010-06-13 Jim Paris, Samson Yeung, AireTamStrm (port) System Use a DualShock III Controller or SIXAXIS controller via USB Archive
pnd_assoc 2011-03-29 Jey123456 System Discussion Associate file types with PNDs Download
pnd_r 2011-04-09 beta n.sh installer sebt3 System Discussion. Fix PND crashing errors since HF5. Download
pnd_utils 2011-03-30 Jey123456 System Discussion Includes pnd_assoc and some other features. Repo
PNDStore 2011-04-13 Tempel System - Application Downloader/Updater Discussion Repo
PSFreedom 2010-09-23 Notaz (port) Other Discussion. Allows homebrew on your PS3. Download
qBittorrent 2011-03-16 Coldbird (port) Network - BitTorrent client Discussion: GP32X OP Download
qOrganizer 2010-11-04 sebt3 (port) Office - organizer Discussion Download Archive
QSynth & FluidSynth 2011-03-18 beta 0.3.5 Kazuki (port) Audio - synthesizer Discussion Website Download
QtSpotify 2011-03-11 sebt3 (port) Network - music streaming Discussion. Spotify client. Download
Quick Change CPU Speed 2010-06-20 Pleng System Discussion. Add CPU speed presets to your menu. Download
RAM Defragger 2011-03-16 0.4.0 Tobias 'knilch' Jordan System memory optimizer Archive
Remmina 2010-06-21 mindlord (port) Network - VNC/RDP/XDMCP client Discussion. Control your PC from your Pandora. Archive Apps
Rockbox 2011-04-20 beta 3.8.x.3 Thomas Jarosch, froggyman (port) Audio - music player Discussion Repo Archive
RText 2010-07-10 Fifesoft, Chrysipp (port) Development - text editor Discussion (German). Must have Java.pnd installed. Download
Schism Mod Player 2010-06-10 ? Audio - music tracker Player for MOD and XM. Download
Schism Tracker 2010-06-19 Storlek, Stuckie (port) Audio - music tracker Clone of Impulse Tracker Archive Apps
Scientific Calculator 2011-02-14 Chrysipp (port) Office - calculator Discussion (German). Must have Java.pnd installed. If you have trouble running it, try this. Download
Scite 2010-10-20 2.21 urjaman (port) Office - text editor Discussion. Scintilla-based syntax highlighting text editor Download
Script Launcher 2011-03-29 meandu229 System Discussion script to launch .sh files Download
SD Card Speed Fix 2010-06-13 mawler System improve SD writing speed, but risk data corruption if writing is interrupted Archive
Seq24 2010-09-06 beta Gruso (port) Audio - music tracker MIDI sequencer. Discussion Download Repo
SMPlayer 2011-02-02 0.6.9-1 Ivanovic (port) Media player MPlayer frontend. Discussion Archive
SUPA 2010-07-04 beta 0.1-1
Simple Updater for Pandora Applications
Bryce Leo System - Application Downloader/Updater Discussion. No GUI yet. PNDStore is probably better. Download
Synergy 2010-10-09 Lomaxx (port) Network - VNC client Discussion. Control your PC from your Pandora. Download
Sxiv 2011-04-13 b3w (port) Graphics - image viewer Discussion (German). Download
TiMidity++ 2011-03-21 2.13.3 (player + Daemon loader) Gruso (port) Audio - MIDI Discussion: GP32X OP. Must install Timidity MIDI Installer first. Download
Timidity MIDI Installer 2011-01-12 sebt3 Audio - MIDI Discussion. MIDI patches installer. Download Archive
Transmission 2010-09-24 sebt3 (port) Network - BitTorrent client Discussion. Download Archive
TrueCrypt 2011-02-12
beta TJSomething (port)
daniel3000 (old port)
System - encryption Discussion. Discussion (old). Archive old version
TuxPaint (from "Tux4Kids") 2011-04-20 mcobit (port) Graphics - image editor Discussion. Part of "Tux4Kids". Repo
TV-Browser 2011-02-13 beta chrysipp (port) Network - TV guide Discussion (German). Website Download
Viewnior 2011-02-26 1.1 gruso (port) Graphics - image viewer Discussion Download Repo
Vim Gvim 2010-08-08 beta 7.2 joseluisjazz (port) Office - text editor Discussion. About. Not a PND. Download
VLC 2010-10-12 beta 1.1.0 sebt3 (port) Media player (video & audio) Discussion Download
Wahcade Emulator Frontend b1 2011-02-06 beta Sigma (port) System - frontend Discussion. Download
Wbar 2011-03-03 mcobit (port) System - app launcher Discussion. Archive
WiFi "Another Test Wifi Driver" (Beta) 2011-03-05 David, notaz System Discussion: GP32X OP. HF5 only, not for use with HF6. Download
WiFi Beta test 2010-11-05 Evildragon System Discussion. Might fix WiFi issues. Download
Worker 2011-04-01 2.17.11 mash (port) System - file manager Discussion Archive
Xarchiver 2010-12-04 0.5.2 mcobit (port) System - file archiver Discussion Archive
Xbindkeys 2010-10-14 Lomaxx (port) System Discussion. Configure hotkeys Download
XBMC 2011-03-13 beta 0.0 sebt3 (port) Media player Discussion. Functions as "entertainment hub". Download
XFE 2010-07-20 1.32.1 Maxim Baranov, Roland Baudin, packaged by sebt3 System - file manager, packager
Graphics - image viewer
Office - notepad
Xournal 2010-10-03 sebt3 (port) Office - journal Discussion. Can annotate PDFs. Download