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Amiga A500
Download(s) Repo Alternate version
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Pickle, john4p, Notaz, others
Status Public release available
Google Docs UAE4All compatibility list

Pandora port of UAE4ALL. There are two versions, one with stable video sync, and the "alternate" version with working nubs.[1]


  • Readme - very detailed readme with instructions.
  • Tutorial: How to get UAE4ALL working on the Pandora
  • Recalibrating the Stylus: "UAE4all needs to be in stylus mode, then touch and hold the stylus against the screen, hold down the r button and the d-pad can be used to move the pointer so it matches with the stylus. It works but with Heimdall after about 30 secs the stylus loses calibration. I tried it with Lemmings and it worked great. "-[2]


Runs at full speed (and is limited to prevent running faster) [3].

A version is available with additions added by john4p, as well as work on the graphics by Notaz and some work by tuki_cat and EvilDragon: Discussion. It should now have proper video-sync.

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