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Amiga A500
Download(s) Download Alternate version
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Pickle, john4p, Notaz, others
Version (May 5, 2011)
Status Public release available
Google Docs UAE4All compatibility list

Pandora port of UAE4ALL. There are two versions, one with stable video sync, and the "alternate" version with working nubs.[1]


  • Readme - very detailed readme with instructions.
  • Tutorial: How to get UAE4ALL working on the Pandora
  • Recalibrating the Stylus: "UAE4all needs to be in stylus mode, then touch and hold the stylus against the screen, hold down the r button and the d-pad can be used to move the pointer so it matches with the stylus. It works but with Heimdall after about 30 secs the stylus loses calibration. I tried it with Lemmings and it worked great. "-[2]


Runs at full speed (and is limited to prevent running faster) [3].

A version is available with additions added by john4p, as well as work on the graphics by Notaz and some work by tuki_cat and EvilDragon: Discussion. It should now have proper video-sync.

In-game controls

These are the controls for the "normal" version of May 5, 2011.

  • SELECT: Open GUI
  • START: Toggle joystick/mouse/stylus mode
  • Hold L + D-pad: Move display horizontally or vertically (not in mouse mode)
  • L+S key: Quick save
  • L+L key: Quick load
  • F12: Toggle fullscreen and windowed mode

Joystick mode

  • D-pad: Joystick movement
  • A/X: Joystick fire button (depends which mode button mode you are in)
  • X/A: Up on joystick (used as jump in platform games, etc. depends which mode button mode you are in)
  • B: Is mapped to the space bar
  • R-trigger: Open virtual keyboard
  • L-trigger: close Virtual keyboard
  • L-trigger + , (comma) = left mouse button
  • L-trigger + . (period) = right mouse button

Mouse mode

  • D-pad: Move mouse pointer
  • L: Left mouse button
  • R: Right mouse button
  • Y: hold Y to slow down mouse movement when using the D-pad or Left Nub
  • A: Keyboard arrow left
  • Y: Keyboard arrow up
  • B: Keyboard arrow right
  • X: Keyboard arrow down

Stylus mode

  • Tap screen: left click
  • L/R: Hold and tap with stylus performs right click
  • D-pad: Left operates left mouse button, right operates right mouse button. Hold down on D-pad to prevent mouse from clicking. D-pad up = simultaneous left+right click (Cannon Fodder grenades)
  • (Hold R and use the D-pad up/down/left/right to adjust the position where it will be clicked when you tap the screen.

Tap to see if the tip of the stylus is at the tip of the pointer. Use R +D-pad until that's accomplished) Recalibration: Hold Stylus against screen, hold right trigger and reposition mouse pointer using d-pad.

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