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About this template - Procedure for deleting wiki pages

Use this template with the syntax:


Use it to delete a page, when a page definitely and unequivocally should be deleted:

check the links to the page with "Special:WhatLinksHere", and correct the links in all linked pages
Replace the entire contents of the page with {{delete|reason}}
give a reason for the deletion in the 'Summary' field when you make this edit
subscribe with --~~~~

See also MediaWiki Help:Deleting a page

If the page title still holds some meaning but the contents of the page are mostly out-of-date or otherwise deserves deleting... well then fix it! Edit the page. Delete the content. Write something different in its place. Don't use this template.

If you would prefer to just propose the deletion of a page (and/or redirecting of the page), without actually removing the content yourself, then use Template:Delete proposal, and be sure to give your reasoning on the associated talk page, to kick off any discussion which might be necessary.

All the pages get listed in Category:Labelled for deletion. It will help the wiki sysops to deal with all these, if this delete template is only used in cases where the community has agreed upon the decision to delete, or where individuals believe (in good faith) that there could be no reason for anyone to disagree with the deletion.