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ED here, welcome to the team.

Official Team

Forum IRC Real name µblog pages mod projects youtube flatter paypal
Evildragon ED Michael Mrozek [1] X Project MOTU [2] [3] address
notaz kernel PicoDrive [4] [5]
Mweston Michael Weston board design [6]
DaveC case dpad and keymat
skeezix Jeff Mitchell libpnd minimenu Zikzak [7]
mfk M. Fatih Kilic [8] gp2xtr sourcing parts
Pickle Scott Smith GLES PickleLauncher [9]
djwillis John Willis wifi [10]

Helpful People

Forum IRC Real name µblog pages mod projects youtube flatter paypal
stuckie Steven Campbell [11] [12]
Sebt3 Sebastien Huss porting
ekianjo [13] blog Japan shop [14]
Link [15] USA shop
milkshake repo paypal
Cloudef Jari Vetoniemi neon hardfp glhck [16]
zodttd [17] [18] [19]
iprice dev [20]

SL4P SOLEIL paypal
mcobit [21]
ingoreis Ingo Reis tester [22]
Exophase no DraStic [24]
_wb_ Jon Sneyers X sysinfo PIV nubnub microbes mod [25]
cpasjuste David Carre pxml, pnd minimenu xda [26]
ptitSeb lots of ports
comradekingu Allan Nordhøy wiki [27] [28]
lunixbochs Ryan Hileman [29] X libGL[30] [31]
aTc .Next [32]
PokeParadox [33] X [34]
Wally X wiki
Moxie X Vintage electronics
Binky X graphics
TrashyMG Roy Gillotti X
B-ZaR [35] panorama cli package manager [36]
Gadgetoid Phil Howard [37] X technews rpi [38]
double7 german wiki admin
Lolla happiness
Farox Fabrizio blog [39] paypal
vinipsmaker Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira constructive feedback pixeltrickery [40]

The Moderating team

Maybe add field for social networking site, like facebook and g+, country? With semantic lists we can do coordinates

B-zar, gruso, bobbens, superroach, SONY, sswam, wally, moxie, and lots of others, been doing the ones i can find youtube links to thus far. ED headquarters

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