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Revision as of 06:19, 28 October 2009 by Gruso (talk | contribs) (Notes on changes to OTG adapter info)
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I tried to make a table layout that is future proof an contains all information needed to connect a device to the Pandora. If you can come up with more necessary info, please add colums now as it will be more work later. It took a little guesswork to put in all the info for the two GSM modems so please correct me if I was wrong anywhere! OrR

Table looks good OrR. For the modems, I marked drivers as "not needed", because DJWillis confirmed this in his blog. I've also added two columns: Tested in Linux, and Tested on Pandora. This allows us to add products that we're 99% sure will work, before we can test them ourselves on Pandora. The Apple Ethernet adapter is one such example... there have been a few people asking about these, and it looks to be the perfect device.

I’ve also added a (very) general section for OTG adapters, hubs etc. Even though compatibility issues with these are very unlikely (making them a little out of place on a compatibility page), it’s handy to point people here for their adapters etc rather than continually post links on the forums. Think of it as a “recommended for Pandora” section.

^ Gruso

28-10-09: The OTG adapter compatibility table was recently changed from "generic, untested" to "Nokia, tested". However the links still pointed to generic adapters on eBay and Amazon. I've restored the first row to "generic, untested" and added a second row for the Nokia. The Nokia info still needs to be verified (was a particular model tested on Pandora or Beagleboard hardware?) and a link provided. - Gruso