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Revision as of 15:06, 4 September 2010 by Tsh (talk | contribs)

Sorry, but this page is based on opinions and it won't be helpful I believe.

Telling other users what you like best is manipulative and will most likely push one specific app while another one might be better for that user. One way to fix this would be to rename this page to: "10 apps for category ..." and then just list them, rather than numbering them.

BUT that would also mean it's highly similar to the Software_projects, Games and Emulator_list pages (which should be merged anyway in my opinion), rendering this pages useless. To make sure certain apps are seen by other people you should start extending the previously named topics by adding a description and feature list for the apps.

- JayFoxRox 13:58, 4 September 2010 (MEST)

Well, I see your point, but the aim was to help people to get started, so 'first apps to look at' might be a better representation. Certainly i wasn't planning on giving the list an order. The difference between this list and the other pages you linked is that this is a manageable list to install in one go, and should only list apps which are working well. This isn't my list either, it is taken from the forum discussion - where it seemed that people wanted a simple collection. --Tsh 16:06, 4 September 2010 (MEST)