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Handheld game console miniature computer.
Open, use it however you like.
No restrictions but freedom. Enjoy,
make and publish software, free of charge.
Quickstart‏‎ User manual‏‎
Pandora Pandora history‏‎ Production Timeline‏‎ Size Comparisons‏‎
‏‎Team Community Links‏‎ Wiki TODO
Hardware Documentation SD compatibility list USB compatibility list‏‎
USB reference‏‎
Formatting SD cards Backup
Display LEDs and backlight
NAND‏ Swap
WiFi‏‎ Wireless from the Terminal ‏‎ Bluetooth
Audio system MIDI‏‎ Microphone‏
Keyboard‏ Nubs‏‎ Controllers
Power modes‏ Overclocking‏‎ Hardware defects
GPS‏ Mobile Broadband dvb-t
Hardware Hacking‏‎ Configuring ext signals‏‎
Software Projects Ångström
Running Linux from an SD card Basic Linux Guide‏ Reporting bugs
Extend Utils Kernel build instructions Kernel interface Kernel status
Pandian Debian On SD‏‎ Android ‎RISC OS‏
Software projects/OS/Slackware Software projects/OS/SOLEIL
‎Games‏‎ Unreleased‏‎ Pandora Bounties‏‎ Port Requests
PickleLauncher ‏‎MogsVsDogs Greyout
‏‎NetKeen Pencil NoteCase Pro‏‎
Emulators Compo4All MAME4ALL DraStic
‏‎Emulator List Legal Emulation Resources‏‎
‏‎QEMU‏‎ QEMU Premade Images‏‎ QEMU Compatibility
‏‎DOSBox‏ DOSBox compatibility list
‏‎PCSX-ReARMed‏‎ Creating images of PSX games using Linux
‏‎MAME ‏‎ ‏‎PanMAME
‏‎Mupen64plus dynamic recompiler‏‎
‏‎DraStic Compatibility List‏‎
‏‎ResidualVM‏‎ ScummVM‏‎
‏‎Emulating a Linux Arm system on Windows
Desktop and environments OpenBox‏‎ Minimenu‏‎
‏‎Screenshot Wallpaper cronjob
Development Introduction to PNDs ‏‎Development tutorials Development Tools‏‎
‏‎SGX drivers SDL‏‎ SDL Controls‏‎
‏‎Floating Point Optimization‏‎ Assembly Code Optimization‏‎
‏‎Porting to GLES from GL‏ Porting guide‎
‏‎GLES GLESGAE‏‎ GLBasic tutorial
‏‎Cross-compiler‏‎‏‎ Compile on the Pandora
Client Repository Communication API Repo delta transfers
‏‎PND repository specification PXML specification‏‎
‏‎Make and run simple PND‏‎ Mounting a PND‏‎ PND Cookbook‏‎
‏‎Libpnd hub‏‎ PND management workflow‏‎ New PND format
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