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Info removed as opkg installs from angstrom arent compatible, and the pandora opkg is only for system packages for building the OS.


Installing Angstrom packages

It is no longer possible to install applications from the Angstrom distribution repository they used to be slightly more compatible but we' stuck with old stuff and they're a moving target

Packages are now self hosted on a pandora ångstrøm repo, as a second option to the pnd repo.

Installation is aquired by issuing the following commands

opkg list
opkg install <name of package>

from the terminal as super-user. Note that by default, this will install to the NAND, and there is not much free space to install more than a few small packages. Filling up the NAND is bad, since it will prevent the system from working properly. Also note that there is no guarantee that packages from the angstrom repository will be compatible with the versions of other software included in the firmware. See Introduction to apps for more details about installing applications. These update processes should work equally well if you have booted from a copy of the Pandora OS on SD card.