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This page lists various configuration file tweaks that can be done on the default Pandora's OS. Some of these can be configured through the GUI, some can't.


  • /etc/pandora/conf/cpu.conf - CPU overclocking configuration (minimum/maximum rate, etc, in MHz)
  • /etc/pandora/conf/dsp.conf - DSP overclocking configuration
  • /etc/pandora/conf/dss_fir/* - coefficient tables for the hardware scaler filter
  • /etc/pandora/my_lid_is_broken - if this file exists, pressing any key will unblank pandora's screen (otherwise the screen won't unblank while the lid is closed)


  • /etc/pandora/conf/wl1251 - sourced by the wifi init script (if exists), may contain:
    • ps_rate_threshold=<number> - while this rate is exceeded (bytes/s), power saving is disabled to improve performance (default 30000)
    • use_fw_ps=<Y|N> - Y - power saving is only managed by wifi firmware, N - forcefully toggled by driver (default Y)
    • long_doze_mode=<1|0> - if 1, additional wifi power saving is enabled ("long doze mode") which saves ~30mW, but ping times are increased and some router compatibility is lost (default 0)

Battery charging

Some things can be configured in /etc/pandora/conf/eventmap

  • start_capacity - start charging when capacity falls this low. Setting this to lower values may improve battery longevity