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  • The Pandora has 2 analogue controllers 'nubs', which were custom designed. ...and selecting either configure <nub> or 'Restore default settings for both nubs'
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  • ...ture users. The main physical features - qwerty [[keyboard]], dual analog nubs, clamshell design, pocketable size - were most prominently voiced by the co ...e is no other device that has dedicated gaming controls, two [[nubs|analog nubs]] and a [[keyboard|QWERTY keyboard]].
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  • ...tion of a PC and a Gaming Console. OpenPandora has a D-Pad, Two analogue [[nubs]], ABXY + Shoulder Buttons and a 43-button QWERTY [[keyboard]]. The OpenPan ** Two analog controllers (nubs)
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  • * nubs (aka vsense, needs rework for mainline) ...full details of. An example of closed source firmware is for the analogue nubs, which are shipped with small micro-controllers pre-programmed by the nub m
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