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Get started

  • So you need at least two networked Open Pandoras.
  • In this exemple, we'll use two OP, OP-1 and OP-2.
  • The compilation will be launched on OP-1.
  • OP-2 IP adress is
  • If you connect two OP with an USB cable, be sure to read this.

Distccd server activation

  • On both OP, launch as root:

Setting up the hosts

  • On OP-1, open a terminal:
export DISTCC_HOSTS="localhost"


  • In the same OP-1 terminal:
make -j4 CC=distcc
make -j4 CC=distcc
  • In the -j(n), n represents the (number of CPU used X 2), so if you compile with 10 OP, it will be -j20 .


  • You can see how the compilation is distributed.
  • As root on OP-1, type: