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These lists were last updated on 2010-12-04 to include the latest files from Pandora Apps, the File Archive, and the community forums.

This is a list of all software projects for the Pandora excluding emulators (see: Emulator list), games (see: Games), and development tools (see: Development Tools)

See the Port Requests article for open-source projects which could be ported but have not been taken on by anyone yet.

Released software

If you would like to add something, you could edit the wiki or post in this forum thread. If different versions of a software were released, please make sure the "release date" is the most recent one.

Please click on the little squares to sort by different categories (such as Release date, Type, etc.)

Name Release date
Author/Port Author Type Download Notes
AbiWord 2010-09-30 sebt3 (packaging) Office - word processor Download Stand-alone PND. Discussion