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See the Port Requests article for open-source projects which could be ported but have not been taken on by anyone yet.

Operating Systems

Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
Android Omap Link wip
Angstrom Linux Link Working build, not completed
AROS Arm Link wip
FreeBSD Link wip
Gentoo Linux Link Working build, not completed javaJake, Viridior IRC: (FreeNode) #gentoo-pandora
HaikuOS Link wip
Ubuntu ARM Link wip
Fedora ARM Unknown


Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
Abuse Link working build Cpasjuste 2D Platform
Battle for Wesnoth v1.6.2 Link working build Cpasjuste Strategy
BattleJewels Completed build for GP2X, WIP for Pandora Skeezix Logical
BlobWars Link working build Cpasjuste 2D Platform
Caster Link Working build (tested on PC) Svartalf RPG
Chaotic Vortex Link WIP Ruben Dual stick 2D shooter
Descent 1 (d1x-rebirth engine) Link Working build Pickle FPS
Descent 2 (d2x-rebirth engine) Link Working build Pickle FPS
FHeroes Port (Heroes Of Might And Magic 2) Link Working build Pickle Strategy
FreeCiv 2.1.9 Link Working build Cpasjuste Strategy
Galactic Artifact Link Working build Trevor Bradley Strategy
Giannas Return Link Working Giannas Team Arcade
Gravity Blocks Link wip (early in developement) Awekening Arcade
Homeworld Port Link wip LinuxHacker Simulation
Human Condition (was TINCS) Link1Link2 wip Butterman FPP
Lerp Link working build benjymous 2D physics puzzle platformer
Lord of the Rings Port Link Unknown Daeglin RPG
Mental Working build, tested on PC Colin Jones (xentalion) 2D Horror Survival Adventure
Monster! Link wip Chris R Arcade
NAEV Link wip (waiting for pandora to finish and test) bobbens Action/RPG/Sim
Nails Adventure Link wip jsmtux/Mr. Gonzo
OpenLiero (Liero) working build, need to be polished Pickle Shoot'Em Up
OpenTyrian Link working build Cpasjuste Shoot'Em Up
Pandora Panic! Link Working build PokeParadox / GP32X Community Arcade
Pandora Pool Panic Link Almost Finished Unfathomable Depths Arcade
PanMMO - Pandora MMO Game via Internet Link wip Enirya RPG
Powermanga Link working build Cpasjuste
Quake 1 working build Pickle FPP
Quake 2 working build Pickle FPP
Quake 3 Link working build Cpasjuste FPP
Quake 3 working build Pickle FPP
Reminiscence (flashback) Link working build Cpasjuste Action/Adventure
Rise of The Triad Link wip arrrgh FPP
Stratagus Link working build Cpasjuste RTS Engine
Super Lumenal Link wip Adventus Arcade
SuperTux 1 Link working build Pickle Platform
SuperTux 2 Link working build Pickle Platform
Tecnoballz Link Working build Cpasjuste
Teeworlds Link wip Arcade
The Mana World Link Working build Cpasjuste MMORPG
uHexen2: Hammer of Thyrion Completed build for GP2X, WIP for Pandora Adventus FPP
Ur-Quan Masters Link Working build Space Exploration
Warioland-inspired game Link wip foxblock Platformer
We Come In Peace Link working build Otaco Strategy
Where in world is... Link Wip StreaK Casual
Wizzley Presto and the Mysterious Time Machine Link wip Craigix, Zodttd, Ruckage Arcade, 30 Day Game Competition
Wolf4SDL (Wolfenstein 3D) working build Pickle FPP
XSwing Plus Link wip Tobse Arcade
ZEQ2Lite Link Work in progress MDave Dragonball Z Third Person Fighter/Shooter
Zdoom Completed build for GP2X, WIP for Pandora Adventus FPP
Zombd Link Wip iprice/Mr Gonzo Shoot'Em Up


Project Name Emulated System Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
Caprice32 Amstrad CPC Link1 Link2 wip hdonk
DosBox x86 DOS working build Pickle
FinalBurnAdvance CPS1/2/3/taito... Link Squidge
Frotz Z-Machine interpreter Link working build SteveM
Fuse ZX Spectrum Link working build SteveM
GnGeo SNK NeoGeo Link1 Link2 Cpasjuste
gpSP Nintendo GBA wip ZodTTD
Hatari Atari ST Link1 Link2 Cpasjuste
Jzintv Mattel Intellivision Link WizardStan
MAME4All Arcade Link Franxis
Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Link working build Ari64 Pickle working on OpenGL
NeoPop SNK NeoGeo Pocket Link1 Link2 Cpasjuste
NullDC Sega Dreamcast Link Wip Zezu / drkIIraziel
PandaSNES Nintendo SNES Link wip Squidge
Pandora-PSP Sony Playstation Portable Link wip JayFoxRox
PAtari Atari 800 Link working build Cpasjuste
PicoDrive Sega Genesis/CD/32x Link working build Notaz Fullspeed emulator
PSMS Sega Master System Link working build Cpasjuste
PSnes Nintendo SNES Link working build Cpasjuste
Psx4All Sony PlayStation Link Not Status, working build ZodTTD
ScummVM x86 Scumm engine games Working build DJ Willis Fullspeed emulator
SIMH old hardware Link working build SteveM
Temper NEC PC Engine Link wip Exophase Fullspeed emulator
Tempest Atari Jaguar Link Firefox
Uae4All Amiga Link Working build
XMAME Arcade Link Cpasjuste

Graphic Engines

Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
GemRB (Infinity Engine) wip Adventus open-source implementation of Bioware's Infinity Engine, supports games including Baldurs Gate 2 and Planescape Torment.
GLES2D Wip Cpasjuste OpenGL ES 2D library
GL-WES-v2.0 link Working Build Adventus Opensource OpenGL 2.0 driver built on OpenGL ES 2.0.
Irrlicht [1] [2] working build Hybrid
NSS Engine Link1 Link2 No Siesta Studios
OGRE Engine Link1 Link2
Otaco Glost Engine Link working Otaco
Quad-Ren 2D Link Hessiess
SDL GLES Link working Cpasjuste
XreaL Link Pickle [?]

Other programs

Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
AbiWord - Word Processor Link working build for Angstrom OpenPandora
Claws Mail Link working build for Angstrom OpenPandora
Epiphany Web Bowser Link Working build
FireFox - Internet Browser Link working build for Angstrom OpenPandora
GIMP - Image Editor Link working build for Angstrom OpenPandora
GMenu Link Working build Pandora Team
Gnumeric Spreadsheet - Spreadsheet Link working build for Angstrom OpenPandora
GoView Link Working build
Image Gallery Link Working build
Inside The Box Link1 Link2 wip StreaK Pandora e-zine
IRC Client Link Working build
LeafPad Link Working build
Matchbox Shell / GUI Link Working build
MPlayer Link1 Link2 Working build Squidge
Math-NEON Wip Adventus cmath like library optimised for ARM NEON coprocessor.
Pandaphone Link jb0yx A project to incorporate the Open Pandora handheld device with cell phone technology
Pandora Sync Suite Link Working build StreaK for Windows 9x/NT
Pangea GUI Link WIP efegea Gmenu alternative
PDM Link Cpasjuste Light desktop manager for Pandora
PGui Link Cpasjuste Standard emulator fronted for Pandora
Pidgin - IM (for Angstrom OpenPandora) Link working build
PMenu Link Cpasjuste Minimal Menu for Pandora
PND Maker (for Windows 9x/NT) Link Working build StreaK
Qemu Link testing build Fabrice Bellard open source machine emulator and virtualizer
Scale Link wip Zoxc64 Minimal Menu for Pandora
Simple Dev Studio for Pandora Link Wip StreaK for Windows 9x/NT
TINXL TINXL Application stack for multiplayer internet games
TS2A TS2A Documentation only JayFoxRox Teamspeak 2 Alternative Client / Server, Needs developer
XMMS Link Working build
ZiB Emulator Frontend Link1 Link2 Aimless_E

Demos / Technical Demos for OpenPandora

Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
OpenGL Cell Shading Link working build
OpenGL Demo with MP3 Playback Link working build
OpenGL Skull Demo Link working build
WaveDemo Link Working Otaco