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Operating Systems

Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
Angstrom Linux Link Working build, not completed
HaikuOS Link wip
Gentoo Linux Link Working build, not completed
Ubuntu ARM Unknown
AROS Arm Link wip
FreeBSD Link wip
Android Omap Link wip


Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
FHeroes Port (Heroes Of Might And Magic 2) Working build Pickle
OpenLiero (Liero) working build, need to be polished Pickle
Quake 2 working build
Homeworld Port Link wip LinuxHacker
Pandora Panic! Link Working build PokeParadox / GP32X Community
TINCS Link wip Butterman
Where in world is... Link Wip StreaK
Galactic Artifact Link Working build Trevor Bradley
Nails Adventure Link wip jsmtux
Tecnoballz Link working build Cpasjuste
Powermanga Link working build Cpasjuste
Battle for Wesnoth Link working build Cpasjuste
Quake 3 Link working build Cpasjuste
Zombd Wip Mr Gonzo
Wolf4SDL (Wolfenstein 3D) working build Pickle
PrBoom (Doom) working build Pickle
Quake 1 working build Pickle
Quake 3 working build Pickle
Wizzley Presto Link wip Craigix, Zodttd, Ruckage 30 Day Game Competition
We Come In Peace Link working build Otaco
Lerp Link working build
Pandora Pool Panic Link Almost Finished Unfathomable Depths
Caster Link
Lord Of The Rings Port Link Unknown Daeglin
Teeworlds Link wip
zeg2Lite Link wip MDave
Unnamed Platform Game Link wip ChrisRX13
PanMMO - Pandora MMO Game via Internet Link wip Enirya
Super Lumenal Link wip Adventus
BattleJewels Completed build for GP2X, WIP for Pandora Skeezix
Giannas Return Link Working Giannas Team
Ur-Quan Masters Link Working build


Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
Psx4All (Sony Playstation emulator) Link Not Status, working build ZodTTD
PicoDrive (Sega Genesis emulator) Link working build
PSnes (Nintendo SNES] Link working build Cpasjuste
PAtari (Atari 800) Link working build Cpasjuste
PSMS (Sega MasterSystem) Link working build Cpasjuste
PandoraPSP (Sony Playstation Portable) JayFoxRox
Tempest (Atari Jaguar)
Temper (PC Engine) Link wip Exophase
MAME4All (MAME) Link Franxis
FinalBurnAdvance (CPS1/2/3/taito...) Link Squidge
The Frotz Z-Machine (Zork interpreter) Link
Fuse (ZX Spectrum) Link working build SteveM
ScummVM (Scumm games) Working build DJ Willis
Simh (emulate old hardware) Link working build SteveM
GnGeo (NeoGeo) Link1 Link2 Cpasjuste
NeoPop (Neogeo Pocket) Link1 Link2 Cpasjuste
Hatari (Atari ST) Link1 Link2 Cpasjuste
XMAME (MAME) Link Cpasjuste
DosBox working build Pickle
NullDC (Sega Dreamcast) Link Wip Zezu / drkIIraziel
Uae4All (Amiga) Link Working build
PandaSNES (Super Nintendo) Link wip Squidge
gpSP (Game Boy Advance) wip ZodTTD