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|Slackware-14.2 soft-float (stable), Slackware-14.1 soft-float (stable), Slackware-14.0 soft-float (stable), Slackware-13.37 soft-float (stable), and Slackware-current hard-float (unstable)
|Slackware-14.2 soft-float (stable), Slackware-14.1 soft-float (stable), Slackware-14.0 soft-float (stable), Slackware-13.37 soft-float (stable), and Slackware-current hard-float (unstable)
|2012-04-01<br/>Latest update: 2016-08-31
|2012-04-01<br/>Latest update: 2017-07-12
|Linux-SWAT + help
|Linux-SWAT + help
|Full OS
|Full OS

Latest revision as of 20:24, 12 July 2017

This is a list of all software projects for the Pandora excluding emulators (see: Emulator list), games (see: Games), and development tools (see: Development Tools). However, this list does include the development apps that can be used on the Pandora itself.

See the Port Requests article for open-source projects which could be ported but have not been taken on by anyone yet.

Released software

If you would like to add something, you could edit the wiki or post in this forum thread. If different versions of a software were released, please make sure the "release date" is the most recent one.

Please click on the little squares to sort by different categories (such as Release date, Type, etc.)

Name Release date
Author/Port Author Type Download Notes
AbiWord 2011-01-17 sebt3 (packaging) Office - word processor Download Stand-alone PND. Discussion For spellcheck, see instructions here.
AKGBackup 2011-06-24 Blue Protoman (port) System - backup Repo Discussion
Alarm Clock (beta) 2011-04-22 sebt3 (port) Office - clock Download Repo Discussion
Animated Clock 2011-08-17 mcobit (port) Office - clock Repo
Anki 1.2.8-drack3 2011-04-20 Drack (port) Office - memory aid Download Discussion 1 2
Anonymous Browser 2011-06-20 Blue Protoman (port) Network - web browser Repo Website
Arora (for Minimenu) 2010-05-26 Skeezix (quick hack) Network - web browser Archive Needed to run Arora from Minimenu
Audacious 2011-08-22 sebt3 (port) Audio - music player Download Repo Discussion
Audacity 1.3.12 2011-04-21 slaeshjag (port) Audio - audio editor, recorder Download Discussion: GP32X OP
Avr Tools 2010-09-09 urjaman (port) Development Download Discussion. Toolchain for the 8-bit AVR MCU
b7zip 2010-08-06 joseluisjazz System - file archiver Download Discussion. Not a PND. Once installed, adds functionality to Pandora's built-in archiving gui (squeeze)
BabyPanda 2011-07-05 StreaK Network - web browser Discussion. Not a PND (yet).
Background killer 2010-06-07 Notaz System Apps Kill background tasks in minimenu. "Not needed" since Hotfix 3, but still useful as a quick way to make sure all other tasks are closed.
Banshee 2010-10-23 sebt3 (port) Audio - music player Download Discussion
BeeDiff 2011-07-07 StreaK (port) System Website. Compare and merge files.
Beep Media Player (beta) 2011-05-04 Kazuki (port) Audio - music player Repo Doesn't work?
BeeSoft Commander 2011-07-05 StreaK (port) System - file manager Download Discussion
BennuGD 2011-06-30 Kazuki (port) Development Repo Website. Scripting language to develop games
BennuGD Module - True Type Fonts (TTF) v1.0 2011-07-02 Geca (port) Development - library Archive Discussion.
BennuGD r263 for Open Pandora 2011-08-07 Geca (port) Development - library Archive Discussion: BennuGD GP32X
Better battery charging (beta) 2011-03-13 WizardStan System Download Discussion. Not a PND; must install from terminal.
BFRunner - BrainFuck Interpreter 2010-07-24 StreaK (port) Development - interpreter
Bluefish Editor 2.0.3 2011-03-13 mcobit (port) Network - web design Archive Discussion
Bluetooth File Receiving Daemon 0.1.3 2011-05-02 slaeshjag System Download Repo Discussion: GP32X OP. To fix broken one in default firmware
Bork'd 2011-05-26 myownlittlworld System Repo Discussion. Kill hanging PNDs.
Bournal 2010-08-11 Office - journal Archive encrypted diary program
Brasero 2011-03-01 mcobit (port) System - CD/DVD burner Archive Discussion
Catlooking Writer 2011-03-28 mcobit (port) Office - word processor Archive Discussion
Chiffer 2011-07-22 StreaK (port) System - encryption Doesn't save settings.
Chromium 2010-09-04 The Chromium Authors, EvilDragon (port) Network - web browser Archive Discussion. SSL now works
Chromium-Dev v13.0.750.1 2011-04-28 The Chromium Authors, EvilDragon (port) Network - web browser Archive Repo Discussion (old). The latest (non-stable) snapshot.
Claunch (beta) 2010-10-14 Lamoxx System - app launcher Download Discussion
Claws Mail 2010-10-03 sebt3 (port) Network - email client Download Archive Stand-alone PND. Discussion. Hopefully doesn't save to NAND (testing needed).
ClipGrab 2011-07-21 StreaK (port) Multimedia - file downloader Download from YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo.
Cmus 2010-11-27 otherguy66 (port) Audio - music player Archive Discussion. Installed to NAND (1mb). Text mode player
Cobras IDE 2010-08-02 StreaK (port) Development IDE for Linux programmers.
Code::blocks 2010-06-07 sinoth (port) Development - IDE Download Discussion.
Community Codec Package 2010-05-25 Pandora team System Apps Official site Make sure you have this installed
Comix 2010-08-24 Pontus Ekberg Graphics - image viewer Repo
ConBTGPS 0.1.3 2011-06-13 cube48 Network - GPS Download Repo Discussion. Automizes bluetooth GPS connection.
Conky 2010-08-03 daniel3000 (port) System Download Repo System monitor. Discussion
Converseen 2011-03-03 mcobit (port) Graphics - image editor Archive Discussion
CScreenie 2011-07-21 StreaK (port) System - screenshot
C/C++ Development Tools 0.0.39 2011-08-12
freamon, StreaK Development StreaK's version freamon's version Discussion StreaK's version ads STJERM and JED
DarCalc 2010-08-28 JP Office - calculator Archive See also the calculator emulators here
Deadbeef 0.4.3 2010-11-01 CME (port), sebt3 (port) Audio - music player Download Discussion
DEF's Pack base 0.1 2011-10-28 Linux-SWAT aka DEF System - OP's firmware overlay + Xfce revamp Download Discussion
DEF's Pack kernel chooser 0.5 2011-12-11 Linux-SWAT aka DEF System - Multiple optimized kernels choice Download Discussion
dia 2010-10-03 sebt3 (port) Office - diagrams Download Discussion
DJView4 2011-08-07 StreaK (port) Office - document viewer djvu file viewer.
Document Viewer (evince) 2011-06-29 mcobit (port) Office - document viewer Repo Discussion. Supports djvu format.
DoUML 2011-05-16 eyecreate (port) Development Repo Website
DrawSWF (beta) 2010-07-10 Chrysipp (port) Graphics - vector drawing Download Discussion (German). Must have Java.pnd installed. A small drawing program. The drawing can be exported as a Flash animation, which then shows its gradual development.
E-02 Engine v11.08.11.01 2011-08-19 Stealth, Kazuki (port) Development - 2D games Archive Website. Multiplatform 2D game development system.
EasyPaint 2011-07-21 StreaK (port) Graphics - image editor Like MSPaint/MS PaintBrush
ECM (Error Code Modeller) 2011-07-17 StreaK (port) System - file archiver Download Discussion. Decompress PSX ISOs in ECM format, to run them in PCSXreARMed.
Effigy (PEF) Emulator Frontend (beta) 2011-04-04 Aimless_E System - frontend Download Discussion (old)
Ekiga (beta) 2010-10-29 sebt3 (port) Network - VOIP Download Discussion. Online phone & video calls. Doesn't work though it can be made to work through Debian, Extend Utils: [1]
ELinks 0.12Pre5.1 2011-05-22 pndrsky (port) Network - web browser Repo Discussion.
emacs 2011-08-14 Cloudef (port) Office - text editor Repo
Emelfm2 2011-03-09 mcobit (port) System - file manager Archive Discussion
emescene 2.11 2011-09-09 freamon (port) Network - IM client Repo
Empathy 2.29.6 (beta) 2011-03-08 sebt3 (port) Network - IM client Download Discussion. No networks included yet.
Enna (beta) 2010-07-08 sebt3 (port) Media player Download Discussion
Exaile 2010-04-28 Pickle (port) Audio - music player Archive Apps Needs Community Codec Pack to run
Extend Utils 2010-06-22 Stuckie System Download Discussion (old: 1, 2). Make /, /home and swap files write to SD card instead of NAND.
Extend Utils - Debian Dev Extend 2011-06-26 Stuckie Development Download Discussion Debian dev extend. Allows you to increase size of root and home directories + run over 29,000 programs. Download the necessary files here.
Extreme Image Converter 2011-07-21 StreaK (port) Graphics - image converter batch image format converter
F3 2010-10-17 slaeshjag (port) System Download Test for fake flash memory (like H2testw). Discussion
FBReader 0.12.10 2010-07-26 zx81 (port) Office - eBook Reader Archive Apps writes data into the NAND, not on the SD card!
Fennec 4.0b3 (beta) 2011-02-03 Mozilla Team, EvilDragon (port) Network - web browser Archive Apps Discussion
Fennec 3.6.3 2010-05-30 Mozilla Team, Iampanis (port) Network - web browser Apps mobile version of FireFox
Figaro's Password Manager 2 (beta) 2010-11-30 mcobit (port) System - passwords Archive Discussion
Firefox 2010-06-14 Evildragon (port) Network - web browser Archive Apps
Firefox 3.6.13 2011-01-28 Mozilla team, hdonk (port) Network - web browser Apps Discussion (old), news/discussion
Firefox 2011-08-24 Mozilla team, hdonk (port) Network - web browser Repo Discussion (v5b3, v4b10)
FlipClock (beta) 2011-02-05 torpor (port) Office - clock Download Discussion, also here
Flite 2011-08-17 Kazuki (port) Audio - speech synthesis Repo
Fotoxx 2010-12-06 Kornelix
mcobit (port)
Graphics - photo editor & manager Archive Discussion
Freemind 0.9.0 2011-03-10
mash (port) Office - mind mapping Archive Discussion (old) . Needs java.pnd installed.
Gambas3 2011-05-27 eyecreate (port) Development Repo Discussion. Dev environment like Visual Basic.
GanttProject 2.0.10 2011-03-19 mash (port) Office - project management Download Archive Discussion Wiki article. Needs Java.pnd
Gbdserver 7.3 2011-09-05 Dimacus (port) Development Repo Discussion
GCalc 2010-11-23 mcobit (port) Office - calculator Archive Discussion. Needs java.pnd installed. See also the calculator emulators here
gCalctool 2011-02-26 mash (port) Office - calculator Download Discussion.
Geany 0.2 2011-08-01 jones (port) Office - text editor Repo Discussion
gedit 2010-10-03 sebt3 (port) Office - text editor Download Discussion
Geeqie 2011-05-19 Kazuki (port) Graphics - image viewer Repo
Geogebra 2011-06-04 shotmanikos (port) Education - math Repo Website Requires Java.pnd.
gerbv 2010-09-14 bompo (port) Office - EDA Archive viewer for Gerber RS-274X, Excellon drill, & CSV pick-and-place files
Get iPlayer 2011-04-23 freamon (port) Multimedia - file downloader Repo Discussion
gFTP 2.0.18 (beta) 2010-07-01 sebt3 (port) Network - FTP client Download Discussion
GIMP v2.6.11.1 2011-04-07 sebt3 (port) Graphics - image editor Repo Discussion
GIMP v2.6 (beta) 2010-06-06 Stuckie (quick hack) Graphics - image editor Download Read instructions here
Gmu Music Player 0.8.0beta1 2011-06-08 wejp Audio - music player Download Discussion old
Gnomad 2 2010-10-18 sebt3 (port) Audio - music manager Download Discussion
Gnome Music Player Client (GMPC) 0.20.0 (beta) 2010-08-01 tsh (port) Audio - music player Download Discussion
Gnumeric 2011-01-17 sebt3 (port) Office - spreadsheet Download Stand-alone PND. Discussion
GoldenDict 0.9.0Svn 2010-09-27 Hitnrun (port) Office - dictionary Archive Download Repo Discussion
GPar2 2011-08-11 DaMummy (port) System? Repo usenet data posting/recovery
GParted 2011-02-05 sebt3 (port) System - partition Download Discussion
gPicView 2011-03-10 sebt3 (port) Graphics - image viewer Download Discussion
gPodder 2.18 2011-08-15 freamon (port) Network - podcatcher Repo. Discussion. Subscribe to podcast RSS feeds.
GQview 2010-07-27 daniel3000 (port) Graphics - image viewer Download Repo Discussion
Grafx2 2010-12-30 pulkomandy, yrizoud, mcobit (port) Graphics - image editor Archive Discussion. For pixel art.
Grafx2 SVN v1713 2011-02-26 pulkomandy, yrizoud, et al. Graphics - image editor Archive For pixel art.
GrooveShark Player 2011-03-11 Elias Woods, coldbird (port) Network - music streaming Archive Discussion: GP32X OP. Grooveshark client. "you can listen to a gigantic Online Music Archive for free."
Groove 2010-07-19 Elias Woods, bompo (port) Network - music streaming Download Discussion. Grooveshark client. Warning: Requires installing dependencies with opkg. See discussion thread.
GRsync 2011-03-03 mcobit (port) System - backup Archive Discussion. Synchronize folders & files, make backups
gVim 2011-08-14 Cloudef (port) Office - text editor Repo
Gwaei 2010-11-26 Zachary Dovel
mcobit (port)
Office - dictionary Archive Discussion. Japanese-English.
HexEdit 2011-06-22 Blue Protoman (port) Development - hex editor Repo Discussion
hfsutils 2011-03-10 Silent-Hunter (port) System Download Discussion. For reading & writing Macintosh file systems.
HomeBank 4.3 2011-02-26 Maxime Doyen, mcobit (port) Office - money manager Archive Discussion
Hotfix 5 2011-03-04 Pandora team System Official site Make sure you have this installed. Discussion: GP32X OP
ImageViewer 2010-07-24 StreaK (port) Graphics - image viewer
Inkscape (beta) 2010-10-08 sebt3 (port) Graphics - vector drawing Download Discussion. Currently very slow.
Java Pnd (beta) 2010-11-21 WizardStan (port) System - dependency Download Discussion. Run Java apps.
JED Editor 2011-08-11 StreaK (port) Office - text editor Download Discussion: GP32X OP
jEdit 2010-11-22 mcobit (port) Office - text editor Archive Discussion. For programmers. Needs java.pnd installed.
jChemPaint 2010-11-23 mcobit (port) Graphics - molecule drawing Archive Discussion. Needs java.pnd installed.
jMol 2010-11-22 mcobit (port) Graphics - molecule viewing in 3D Archive Discussion. Needs java.pnd installed.
jMP3 Player 2010-07-10 jaijuju Audio - music player Download Website. Java.pnd required.
Joe Editor 2010-08-02 StreaK (port) Development terminal-based screen editor
Jumanji 2011-05-22
zLouD (2nd port)
b3w (1st port)
Network - web browser 2nd port
1st port
Discussion (German): 2nd port 1st port. Wiki
KCHMViewer 5.2 2010-10-05 Hitnrun (port) Office - CHM Reader Archive Repo Discussion. Windows help files reader.
KDiff 3 2011-02-03 Joachim Eibl System Archive Discussion. Merge 2 or 3 text input files or directories
KeePassX 2011-06-23 pmprog (port) System - passwords Repo Discussion
Keyboard layout changer 2011-06-12 slaeshjag System - configuration Repo Discussion. Shows up in Settings as Keyboard Layout
Leafpad 2011-05-04 Kazuki (port) Office - text editor Repo
Liferea 2010-07-06 sebt3 (port) Network - RSS Reader Download Discussion
lighttpd + lighttpd-php (beta) 2011-05-19 eyecreate Network - web server lighttpd lighttpd-php Discussion Website
Lightweight2 1.12 2011-07-29 cpttom, mcobit (port), Zero3K (port) Network - web browser Repo Discussion: GP32X OP. Small, fast browser.
Links2 2011-03-10 mash (port) Network - web browser Archive Discussion.
Linksys AE1000 USB Wifi (installer) 2011-04-01 Jey123456 Network - USB Wifi driver Download Discussion. Get internet anywhere.
Linphone (beta) 2011-01-20 sebt3 (port) Network - VOIP Download Discussion. Online phone calls.
Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) 2011-05-15 eyecreate (port) Audio - music production Repo Discussion
LXTask 2011-08-07 StreaK (port) System - task manager
Lynx v2.8.7 2011-02-28 Mhaws (port) Network - web browser Archive Discussion
LXTerminal 2011-08-07 StreaK (port) System - terminal emulator
luakit-20110722 2011-09-07 b3w (port) Network - web browser Repo
MaCoPix 2011-06-29 Cloudef (port) System Repo Desktop mascot app
Me TV 2010-10-19 sebt3 (port) Network - digital TV Download Discussion
Merkaartor 0.17.0 2011-01-27 sebt3 (port) Office - openstreetmap editor Download Discussion
Midnightcommander 2011-05-09 mcobit (port) System - file manager Repo Discussion: OP GP32X
Midori 0.3.3-1 2011-04-05 slaeshjag (port) Network - web browser Download Discussion Fixed version of Midori.
Midori 0.3.6 2011-05-21 slaeshjag (port) Network - web browser Download Discussion: GP32X OP (Flash now works; instructions in thread).
MikMod Player 2011-08-03 StreaK (port) Audio - music player Plays mod, s3m, it, xm, & others.
Milkyhelper 2011-09-10 Sloudef System - Application Downloader/Updater Repo
Milkynotify - Update notifier 2011-06-14 Sloudef System - Application Downloader/Updater Repo
MilkyTracker 2011-08-22
StreaK (2nd port)
Stuckie (1st port)
Audio - music tracker Download (StreaK)
Archive (Stuckie) Apps (Stuckie)
Discussion: StreaK, Stuckie
MinAmp 0.31 2011-06-14 Kool65 Audio - music player Repo Website/comments Discussion
Minitube 1.5.0 2011-08-12 Flavio Tordini, freamon (port) Network - Youtube client Repo Discussion: v1.1 v1.3 v1.4. Youtube browser/player
modRana 2011-06-17 cube48 (port) Network - navigation Repo Discussion. GPS. Can also view maps offline.
MooEdit 2011-08-07 StreaK (port) Office - text editor
Mount-Menu 2011-08-09 Lomaxx System Download Repo Discussion. Alternate mount-mechanism for SDHC-card-slots.
mtPaint 2010-07-27
Mark Tyler, daniel3000 (port 1), chris_c (port 2) Graphics - image editor Download (port 1) Archive (port 2) Discussion. For painting & pixel art. Ported twice.
MTR-GTK 2011-05-15 Kazuki (port) Network - diagnostic tool Repo Combines 'traceroute' and 'ping'
muCommander 2011-07-24 StreaK (port) System - file manager
MuPDF 2011-04-13 b3w (port) Office - PDF viewer Download Discussion (German).
Mutt 2011-03-01 mash (port) Network - email client Archive Discussion. Text-based.
MyPaint 2011-02-27 First (port) Graphics - image editor Download Discussion. Website. Has pressure sensitivity.
Nagaina 2011-07-07 StreaK (port) Office - text editor Note-taking application
ncmpcpp4P v0.5.7.1 2011-04-28 remogatto (port) Audio - music player Repo Discussion. Website ncurses-based music player
NetFleet 2011-07-07 StreaK (port) Network - download manager
Netsurf 2.6 2011-03-08 slaeshjag(port) Network - web browser Download Discussion: OP GP32X No SSL support
Nightvision 3.0 2011-03-12 F_Slim (port) Office - planetarium Download Discussion (German}. Needs java.pnd installed. May not work in HF5
NoteCase Pro 2011-09-09 hermocom (port) Office - personal organizer Repo
Nub configuration alternative 2011-06-10 Caine System - configuration Download Discussion. Will be included in HF6.
Ommpc v0.5.4 2010-10-06 Tim Temple Audio - music player Archive MPD client Discussion
OPKG Installer 2011-04-24 Dave1234 Network Download Website Discussion
OSM2Go (beta) 2010-05-26 sebt3 (port) Office - openstreetmap editor Download Discussion. Doesn't work yet.
Osmo (beta) 2010-09-03 sebt3 (port) Office - personal organizer Download Website Discussion
OVR editor and PND aware application launcher 2011-06-27 Caine System Download Discussion
PandaBAS BASIC Interpreter 2011-07-02 ZXDunny (port) Development Repo Port of SpecBAS BASIC interpreter.
PanDebian 2011-05-30 Gregor System Repo Discussion. Extend Utils alternative for Angstrom-Debian cooperation
Pandora Fractals 2010-08-26 Or Green Graphics - fractals Apps fractal generator. Discussion
Pan Newsreader 2011-06-16 sebt3 (port) Network - newsreader Repo Discussion
PanPlayer Beta 4 2011-02-24 JDGBOLT Media player Archive Apps Needs Hotfix 5. Discussion. Optimized mplayer build
P-Boot 2012-07-07 chaotix System - Boot manager Download Discussion Initram to allow flexible booting options (NFS, USB, loop)
PCMan File Manager 2011-05-20 Kazuki (port) System - file manager Repo
Pencil 0.4.4b (beta) 2010-11-04 sebt3 (port) Graphics - animation Download Discussion. 2D animation & drawing.
Pepviewer 2011-02-22 Skadus (port) Graphics - image viewer Download Discussion. Ported from PSP.
Pidgin 2011-05-17 sebt3 (port) Network - IM client Download Repo Discussion. This version no longer uses NAND to store data.
PNDbuilder v1.1 2011-02-22 freedomdown (Ryan Dallaire) Development Download Discussion. Graphical PND maker.
PS3 Bluetooth Controller - Sixpair Utility 2010-06-13 Jim Paris, Samson Yeung, AireTamStrm (port) System - input device Archive Use a DualShock III Controller or SIXAXIS controller via USB
pnd_assoc 2011-03-29 Jey123456 System Download Discussion Associate file types with PNDs
pnd_run.sh installer (beta) 2011-06-16 sebt3 System Download Discussion. Fix PND crashing errors since HF5.
pnd_run.sh installer for HF6 (beta) 2011-09-25 sebt3 System Repo Discussion. Fix PND crashing errors since HF5.
pnd_utils 2011-05-23 Jey123456 System Repo Discussion Includes pnd_assoc and some other features.
PNDStore (beta) 2011-10-04 Tempel System - Application Downloader/Updater Repo Discussion
PSFreedom 2010-09-23 Notaz (port) Other Download Discussion. Allows homebrew on your PS3.
PSP-Maps 2011-09-02 Kazuki (port) Network - navigation Repo
PuTTY 2011-07-15 Simon Tatham, Kazuki (port) Network - terminal emulator Repo Wikipedia
PyQt Installer 2011-09-02 Eric Jardim (port) Development Repo Discussion Python bindings for Qt.
qBittorrent 2011-03-16 Coldbird (port) Network - BitTorrent client Download Discussion: GP32X OP
QDiskUsage 2011-06-22 Blue Protoman (port) System Repo Website
qOrganizer 2010-11-04 sebt3 (port) Office - organizer Download Archive Discussion
qPSP Manager 2011-07-22 StreaK (port) Other manage PSP memorystick
qSSLChat 2011-07-25 StreaK (port) Network - chat client Download Discussion. P2P chatting. Not IRC.
QSynth & FluidSynth 0.3.5 (beta) 2011-03-18 Kazuki (port) Audio - synthesizer Download Discussion Website software synthesiser based on the Soundfont specification.
QtCumber 2011-07-21 StreaK (port) Network - file transfer p2p file transfer
qtFM 2011-08-07 StreaK (port) System - file manager
QtMindMap 2011-07-21 StreaK (port) Office - mind mapping
QtSpotify 2011-03-11 sebt3 (port) Network - music streaming Download Discussion. Spotify client.
Quick Change CPU Speed 2010-06-20 Pleng System Download Discussion. Add CPU speed presets to your menu.
Quicky 2011-07-07 StreaK (port) Office - text editor Note-taking application, wiki-like syntax.
RadioTray 2011-09-11 freamon (port) Network - music streaming Repo
RAM Defragger 0.4.0 2011-03-16 Tobias 'knilch' Jordan System Archive memory optimizer
Remmina 2010-06-21 mindlord (port) Network - VNC/RDP/XDMCP client Archive Apps Discussion. Control your PC from your Pandora.
Repository News 2010-07-24 StreaK (original author) Network - RSS Reader view news from repo.openpandora.org
Rockbox 3.9.x.1 (beta) 2011-06-28 Thomas Jarosch, froggyman (port) Audio - music player Repo Discussion
rox-filer 2011-07-18 Cloudef (port) System - file manager Repo has the default rox tree in PND
RText 2010-07-10 Fifesoft, Chrysipp (port) Development - text editor Download Discussion (German). Must have Java.pnd installed.
Schism Mod Player 2010-06-10 ? Audio - music tracker Download Player for MOD and XM.
Schism Tracker 2010-06-19 Storlek, Stuckie (port) Audio - music tracker Archive Apps Clone of Impulse Tracker
schroot 2012-06-16 Debian buildd-tools Developers, chaotix (port) System Download Discussion Secure and very versatile utility to run Debian or other Linux distros in a chroot
Scientific Calculator 2011-02-14 Chrysipp (port) Office - calculator Download Discussion (German). Must have Java.pnd installed. If you have trouble running it, try this.
Scite 2.21 2010-10-20 urjaman (port) Office - text editor Download Repo Discussion. Scintilla-based syntax highlighting text editor
Script Launcher 2011-03-29 meandu229 System Download Discussion script to launch .sh files
SD Card Speed Fix 2010-06-13 mawler System Archive improve SD writing speed, but risk data corruption if writing is interrupted
SD Installer 2011-06-25 Dave1234 System Download Repo Website Discussion Install Pandora OS to your SD card.
Seq24 (beta) 2010-09-06 Gruso (port) Audio - music tracker Download Repo MIDI sequencer. Discussion
Sidplay 2011-09-21 Silent-Hunter (port) Audio - music tracker Download Discussion WARNING: not a PND, writes to NAND
Shutdown Timer 2011-06-02 atom (port) System Repo
small-ffmpeg-gui 2011-07-28 mcobit (port) Media converter Repo
SMPlayer 0.6.9-1 2011-02-02 Ivanovic (port) Media player Archive MPlayer frontend. Discussion
SpeedCrunch 2011-05-25 eyecreate (port) Office - calculator Repo See also the calculator emulators here
Stjerm 2011-08-12 StreaK (port) System - terminal emulator Download
SunVox 2011-08-08 cube48 (port) Audio - music tracker Repo Discussion
SUPA 0.1-1 (beta)
Simple Updater for Pandora Applications
2010-07-04 Bryce Leo System - Application Downloader/Updater Download Discussion. No GUI yet. PNDStore is probably better.
Swap files 2011-06-16 slaeshjag (port) System Repo Manage swap files
Sxiv 2011-04-13 b3w (port) Graphics - image viewer Download Discussion (German).
Sylpheed 2011-08-17 StreaK (port) Network - email client Download Discussion: GP32X OP
Synergy 2010-10-09 Lomaxx (port) Network - VNC client Download Repo Discussion. Control your PC from your Pandora.
Task Manager 2011-05-14 eyecreate (port) System - task manager Repo
Tesh 2011-07-21 SreaK (port) Development - text editor Repo with syntax highlighting: C++ / C / C# / Java
TiMidity++ 2.13.3 (player + Daemon loader) 2011-03-21 Gruso (port) Audio - MIDI Download Discussion: GP32X OP. Must install Timidity MIDI Installer first. This makes Timidity visible to sequencers as a device.
Timidity MIDI Installer 2011-01-12 sebt3 Audio - MIDI Download Archive Repo Discussion. MIDI patches installer. It will allow you to have music for games that use MIDI. There are 3 different sound-sample sets packing different levels of sound quality. Installs to NAND, though you can put them on SD card and then it's less than 2k on NAND (2 2-line files).
Transmission 2010-09-24 sebt3 (port) Network - BitTorrent client Download Archive Discussion.
TrueCrypt (beta) 2011-02-12
TJSomething (port)
daniel3000 (old port)
System - encryption TJSomething's port daniel3000's port Discussion (TJSomething), Discussion (hermocom/daniel3000).
TuxPaint (from "Tux4Kids") 2011-04-20 mcobit (port) Graphics - image editor Repo Discussion. Part of "Tux4Kids".
TV-Browser (beta) 2011-02-13 chrysipp (port) Network - TV guide Download Discussion (German). Website
Umbrello UML Modeller 2011-10-02 eyecreate (port) Development Repo Discussion
Unace 2010-08-08 joseluisjazz System - file archiver Download Discussion. Not a PND. Once installed, adds functionality to Pandora's built-in archiving gui (squeeze)
UnRar 2010-08-06 joseluisjazz System - file archiver Download Discussion. Not a PND. Once installed, adds functionality to Pandora's built-in archiving gui (squeeze)
UPX (The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables) 2010-08-08 joseluisjazz System - file archiver Download Discussion. Not a PND. Once installed, adds functionality to Pandora's built-in archiving gui (squeeze)
Very Simple Timer 2011-06-14 arekkusu Office - clock Repo Keep track of time.
Viewnior 1.1 2011-02-26 gruso (port) Graphics - image viewer Repo Discussion
Vim Gvim 7.2 (beta) 2010-08-08 joseluisjazz (port) Office - text editor Download Discussion. About. Not a PND.
VLC 1.1.0 (beta) 2010-10-12 sebt3 (port) Media player (video & audio) Download Discussion
Wahcade Emulator Frontend b1 (beta) 2011-02-06 Sigma (port) System - frontend Download Discussion.
Wbar 2011-03-03 mcobit (port) System - app launcher Archive Discussion.
Wbar Quick Menu Maker v0.6 2011-07-20 StreaK (original author) System - app launcher Download Discussion.
WiFi "Another Test Wifi Driver" (Beta) 2011-03-05 David, notaz System Download Discussion: GP32X OP. HF5 only, not for use with HF6.
WiFi Beta test 2010-11-05 Evildragon System Download Discussion. Might fix WiFi issues.
Wiimote Configurator 2011-05-17 sigma (port) System - input device Repo Use a Wiimote controller as input device
Worker 2.17.11 2011-04-01 mash (port) System - file manager Archive Discussion
wxMaxima (beta) 2011-07-13 FenrirLokisohn (port) Office - math Download Discussion (German). Algebra.
Xarchiver 0.5.2 2010-12-04 mcobit (port) System - file archiver Archive Discussion
Xbindkeys 2010-10-14 Lomaxx (port) System Download Discussion. Configure hotkeys
XBMC 10.0 (beta) 2011-03-13 sebt3 (port) Media player Download Discussion. Functions as "entertainment hub".
XFE 1.32.1 2010-07-20 Maxim Baranov, Roland Baudin, packaged by sebt3 System - file manager, packager
Graphics - image viewer
Office - notepad
Archive Discussion
XHTML WYSIWYG Editor 2011-07-21 StreaK (port) Development - text editor
Xournal 2010-10-03 sebt3 (port) Office - journal Download Discussion. Can annotate PDFs.
Xorfile 2011-07-22 StreaK (original author) System - encryption Download Discussion. Encode text files.
WeeChat 2011-08-07 StreaK (port) Network - chat client IRC client.
Zim 2011-07-05 Mindlord (port), eyecreate (additions) Office - personal wiki Download Discussion (old)
zNotes 2011-09-20 mcobit (port) Office - text editor Repo Note-taking application

Operating systems

Name Release date
Author/Port Author Type Download Notes
Arch Linux 2011-05-31 wejp Full OS Download Discussion Using PlugApps, some libraries missing (like libpnd)
Debian (Squeeze) 2011-04-09 Stuckie Full OS Download Discussion: GP32X OP
Minimenu Beta Installer (beta) 2011-02-09 skeezix Launcher Download Discussion Older versions Note: Already included in Hotfix 5.
Pandian - Debian 2013 stackshadow Full OS Link: [2] Discussion: [3]
Panorama 2011-08-25 B-Zar
Launcher Repo Discussion: GP32X OP. "MilkyTest" is alternative to PNDStore.
Slackware-14.2 soft-float (stable), Slackware-14.1 soft-float (stable), Slackware-14.0 soft-float (stable), Slackware-13.37 soft-float (stable), and Slackware-current hard-float (unstable) 2012-04-01
Latest update: 2017-07-12
Linux-SWAT + help Full OS Link: [4] All hardware working, ~75% compatibility with .pnd (not fully debugged yet), more than 400 packages optimized for the Pandora's CPU.
SOLEIL-14.1, SOLEIL-14.0 2012-12-21
Latest update: 2014-02-16
Linux-SWAT Full OS Links: [5] Heavily modified Slackware. Pandora-centered network system. PXE server with x86 tools, and a mobile persistent x86 32 or 64 bit Slackware Linux. ARM and x86 distcc cluster.

Type explanation

Full OS: A full desktop environment similar to the one you are used to on your PC. You usually get an X-based system with a window manager similar to the default one included in Xfce (meaning you can have multiple, drag-able windows, a task bar, etc.). This is what you would want for full usability, but it often is slower in running games than a launcher as more tasks are running in the background.

Launcher: The more simplistic and sleek interface you might know from handhelds like the Wiz or Nintendo DS. Functionality is limited (compared to a full OS) as you don't have a desktop and usually no file browser. It often cannot display multiple windows or programs at once, but uses less memory, might be faster and better suited if you only want to run a few PNDs.


Name Release date
Author/Port Author Type Download Notes
Basic Gray 2010-11-25 milkshake Minimenu skin Download Discussion
BlueFuture 2010-11-23 Farox Minimenu skin Archive Discussion
BlueWash 2010-06-14 Pleng Minimenu skin Download Discussion
Executive 2010-11-27 Sarlix Minimenu skin Archive Discussion
Gray Is Sexy 2010-11-27 milkshake Minimenu skin Download Discussion
GreenGlass 2011-05-01 Sarlix Minimenu skin Archive
Midnight 2010-06-17 Trevsweb Minimenu skin Download Discussion
Newsprint 2010-07-26 Pleng Minimenu skin Download Discussion
Pipboy 3000 2011-06-21 Boolean Minimenu skin Archive
RedDevil 2010-11-26 Sarlix Minimenu skin Archive Discussion
RedWash 2010-06-14 Pleng Minimenu skin Download Discussion
Toybox & Corporate (2 skins) 2010-06-14 Pleng Minimenu skin Download Discussion
UrbanCamo_blue 2011-05-30 Sarlix Minimenu skin Archive
UrbanCamo_brown 2011-05-30 Sarlix Minimenu skin Archive
UrbanCamo_green 2011-05-01 Sarlix Minimenu skin Archive
Wasp 2010-11-23 Farox Minimenu skin Archive Discussion
Winamp Classic 2011-08-24 dgame Audacious skin Download Discussion

Graphic engines

Name Release date
Author/Port Author Type Download Notes
BennuGD - Module Yeti 3D Pro 2011-06-18 Colombian Developers, Geca (port) Archive Discussion
GLES (beta) 2010-09-02 Farox (port) Download Discussion

Demos/technical demos

Unreleased software ("Projects Under Development")

This section includes both software that is actively being worked on, as well as ones that are or may be abandoned. The latter are included for historical purposes.

Operating systems

Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
Android Omap [6] wip
AROS Arm [7] wip
Debian [8] [9] working build Stuckie
FreeBSD [10] wip
Fedora ARM [11] wip
Gentoo Linux [12] [13] Working build, not completed javaJake, Viridior, vminko IRC: (FreeNode) #gentoo-pandora
HaikuOS [14] wip
Ohhie GUI [15] working build Pleng Last update: Jan. 2011
RISC OS Link wip Uwe Kall, Jeffrey Lee + others BeagleBoard port available for download and testing.
Slackware ARM 12.2 and 13.1 [16] Works. Linux-SWAT + help For newer and fully working releases, see here. 12.2 works with >=2.6.* kernel. 13.1 works with a more recent kernel. 12.2 and 13.1 were not released for Pandora.
Ubuntu ARM [17] wip
Xoo on ubuntu Link wip

Game Engines

Project Name Author/Port Author Source code Discussion Language Tech Target platforms Functionality/Notes Example Project
GLESGAE stuckie stable: [18], nightly: [19] [20] C++ 3D PC (Win,Lin), iOS, Android, WIZ, CAANOO, Pandora WIP, set of tutorials about writing a game engine, OpenGLES renderer, shaders, JavaScript integration
Pengyne Jorgon see discussion [21] Engine: C++, Game code: Python 2D and 3D PC (Win,Mac), Pandora WIP, uses a Python interpreter for game code, HTML-like GUI, OpenGL 2.0 and GLES 2.0 renderer, Shaders, Sprites with speed optimizations, Vertex and Index Buffers, Tiled Basic map file support
Penjin PokeParadox, Maintainer: foxblock [22] [23] C++ 2D and 3D PC (Win,Lin), GP2x, WIZ, CAANOO, Dingoo, Pandora, RaspberriPi Basic Game Engine, SDL or OpenGLES renderer, very basic 2D collision detection, file interaction and encryption, achievements, sounds and music, font renderer, deprecated when PenjinTwo is done [24]
PenjinTwo PokeParadox [25] C++ 2D and 3D PC (Win,Lin), GP2x, WIZ, CAANOO, Dingoo, Pandora, RaspberriPi WIP, rewrite of Penjin with better use of C++ features, not all features of Penjin ported over yet [26]
sparrow3D Ziz [27] [28] C 2D and 3D PC (Win,Lin), GP2x, WIZ, CAANOO, Dingoo, Pandora Pure C (and ARM assembler), Software renderer (with SDL backend), 3D with textures and simple lighting, rotozoom functions, mesh loading (obj files), simple sprite engine, font rendering [29]

Graphic Engines

Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
GLES2D Wip Cpasjuste OpenGL ES 2D library
GL-WES-v2.0 [30] Working Build Adventus Opensource OpenGL 2.0 driver built on OpenGL ES 2.0
Irrlicht [31] [32] working build Hybrid 3D game engine
NSS Engine [33] [34] No Siesta Studios
OGRE Engine [35] [36] 3D real-time renderer
Otaco Glost Engine [37], [38] working Otaco
Quad-Ren 2D [39] Working Hessiess Version 0.5
SDL GLES [40] working Cpasjuste
XreaL [41] Pickle No longer being worked on. [42]
Stratagus [43] working build Cpasjuste RTS Engine
WakeBreaker [44] working codebase - can be compiled onboard torpor Working C++ codebase to implement a 3D game using nothing more than OpenGLES 1.1 .. can even be built *on* the Pandora, with nothing more than the onboard compiler. WakeBreaker contains everything you need to get started writing a 3D game in C++ with OpenGL ES - no further libraries required. Its an excellent example of how to write a 3D game in plain, easy to understand C++ and can serve as a working base for your own developments, easily enough.

Other programs

Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
Inside The Box broken broken wip StreaK (original author) Pandora e-zine
Math-NEON [45] Wip Adventus cmath like library optimized for ARM NEON coprocessor
MythTVPlayer [46] Working build Pickle Media center + TV/DV recording
Pandaphone [47] Halted jb0yx project to incorporate the Open Pandora handheld device with cell phone technology
Pandora Sync Suite broken Working build StreaK (original author) for Windows 9x/NT
Pangea GUI [48] WIP efegea Gmenu alternative
PDM [49] Cpasjuste Light desktop manager for Pandora
PGui [50] Cpasjuste Standard emulator fronted for Pandora
PMenu [51] Cpasjuste Minimal Menu for Pandora
PND Builder for windows [52] Working build StreaK (original author)
Qemu [53] testing build Fabrice Bellard open source machine emulator and virtualizer
Scale [54] wip Zoxc64 Minimal Menu for Pandora
Simple Dev Studio for Pandora broken Wip StreaK (original author) for Windows 9x/NT
TINXL TINXL Application stack for multiplayer internet games

Demos / Technical Demos for OpenPandora

Project Name Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
OpenGL Cell Shading [55] working build
OpenGL Demo with MP3 Playback [56] working build
OpenGL Skull Demo [57] working build
WaveDemo [58] Working Otaco

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