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Please do make sure that you are using the latest official firmware and hotfix. You can find it in the official support section of the website. Reports made against older versions might be invalid since the issues were already fixed.

If the bug does still exist in the latest released version, please follow these steps when reporting it in the official bug tracker. You will need to register an account in the tracker. Once you are logged into the account, just click on Add new task to see a form where you can provide the information required to assign and solve the bugs. Below is an explanation of what you should enter where.

Stuff that belongs there:

  • Bugs that happen with the default operating system on the pandora.
  • Things missing in the default operating system on the pandora.
  • Bugs and issues with the codec pack.

What does not belong in the official tracker:

  • Bugs with other .pnd files like eg emulators, games or other applications that are not part of the main OS.
  • Features missing in other progs.

Here is the list of things you should keep in mind and mention in your bug report or feature request to make sure that it can be solved. Please do also make sure to react on comments that are left in the report, since the people that feel responsible for solving the issues might need more information that only you can provide.


This should be a really short summary of the issue at hand, as clean as possible. Something like eg ABC does not work is not good, better write ABC crashes when sounds are played.

Drop Down Boxes

This area on the left side is used to provide some general information that makes it easier for devs to assign the reports to the correct people for fixing things. They are often useful in fixing the report in the end, too.

Task Type

Just select it from the drop down box. If you want to report a bug, make it Bug Report, if it is a missing feature, select Feature Request. You should only select To Do (Reminder) if you are one of the devs to leave a note for yourself.


  • Core: Everything that belongs to the basic systems like the kernel and the drivers. The real core that lies beneath.
  • Application: Meant for all the programs on top of the basis core. This eg. includes problems in minimenu, Pandora specific XFCE, pidgin, ... Basically you should ask yourself if your issue might be kernel/driver related, if it is not, select this one.


Can only be changed by bug tracker admins (aka "official pandora devs").

Operating System

Select the "series" of the operating system on the pandora here. The first firmware series is called "Zaxxon".


How important do you estimate this bug/issue? It should only be marked critical if it is a real security breach or something breaking *everything*. Often the default low is fine, since the values can be adjusted later on by bug tracker admins.


Can only be changed by bug tracker admins (aka "official pandora devs").

Reported Version

Please select which version state your pandora has in the release that you selected under Operating System. Basically list the latest hotfix that you installed.

Due in Version

Can only be changed by bug tracker admins (aka "official pandora devs").


A neat, large field with lots of space for all the details that you can provide. Yes, in general a case of "the more, the better" applies here. Here is a list of things that you should mention in the report:


Detailed description of the *exact* problem you see. Please do include some log output, if you have it available.


How often does the issue occur? Is it reproducible? If it is, please provide detailed steps to do so.

Actual Results

What happened after you performed the steps you listed under "Reproducibility"?

Expected Results

What should have happened?

Additional Information

Please do list any additional information, like for example the *exact* version of your OS (or the application). This is especially important if you were not able to select the exact version in the Reported Version drop down field. If you have any log output or patches, please do attach those as files to the report. If the file size would be too big, just compress them.