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Overview of nubs

Tech Size Avail With disc Disc size Move force Travel Click force Click full ext Soft bottom Durability Software Feel No catching No spin
Pandora nub Resistive? ? Original manufacturer no longer in business no 1.5cm ±1.3mm n/a n/a no quite durable no good yes no ?
N50P105 Hall effect 18.5x18.6x2.45 Only one order no? ? 0.70N (±0.15N) ±2.0mm (±10%) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Smallernub Hall effect yes 0.15N or 0.30N ±1.0mm
GCW-zero res? yes? 1.4cm ±2.0mm
3DS nub Resistive no (custom) 1.45cm ±2.5mm

Two nubs - Travel (XY operation) ±2.0mm (±10%) - Directional operating force (XY direction) 0.70N (±0.15N) -

forum thread

These are hall effect nubs, and they can be clicked.