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  SIM card slot on models equiped with 3G/UMTS/GPS

Modem is undecided yet, it is speculated that it will be a PLS-8-E [1]

GSM/LTE is most prevalent, and would mean only one chip in all pyras. For reference these are the networks and frequencies used in Europe and The US Another variable is price. A 3g modem is cheaper than a 4g one. But they are pin-compatible, which means a decision can be made based on demand. It is also possible to upgrade to 4G by moving to those in production at a later stage.


The Antenova A10340 as seen here [2]is listed with "Antennas Calvus SMD GSM850/ 900/1800/1900/WCDMA"


All models will be available for preorders and will be produced based on those orders. [3]