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#pyra or #dragonbox-pyra at


  • Team - same as on OP, needs more pictures, better structure.
  • Quickstart
  • Manual - metapage with info assembled from other pages. (Hw and SW) For example assembly/disassembly from repairs. Screenshots of every installed app.
  • Timeline - triple duty of notable events and planned events, current progress. Some history and News coverage
  • Environmental - metapage with recycling info and source of material from all pages.
  • Logo logo thread no holes in the dp


  • Audio Headset TRRS connector with switch- port schematics, info, mic, speakers
  • Battery microUSB charging port with hacker friendly serial I/O - mAh, weight, environmental info. Charging
  • Bluetooth - Info, using internal bt app
  • Case - info, 3dprint files, mods opening the lid
  • CPU - info and how to overclock [1]
  • Display - HDMI port Screen, tv out, rotation,
  • Displayboard - the board that is behind the LCD
  • GPS - redir to #section under modem
  • GPU - Driver(SGX drivers) Info and how to overclock
  • Keyboard - layout, keymapping layout threadabxy labels
  • LEDs - how to manage blinkenlights rgb info power rgb
  • Nubs - info, 3dprint files
  • Modem - SIM card slot on models equiped with 3G/UMTS/GPS module - 3g radio info and how to set up mobile internets
  • Mainboard- The carrier board, motherboard
  • Moduleboard - The board with CPU and RAM
  • RAM - info, how to overclock.
  • Storage - microSDXC slot (NAND override) Two SDXC slots eSata combo nand and SD card info storage options
  • USB microUSB Standard USB 2.0 combo host port and microUSB 3.0 OTG host/device switching port - info
  • WiFi - Driver, info.Display - Screen, tv out,





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