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Some requests have and may not appear on this list

  • Emulator Plausibility List - A semi-speculative list of which systems the Pandora is likely to emulate, along with status of active emulation projects.
  • Closed Source Projects - A list of closed source / commercial projects that have shown interest / disinterest in the Pandora platform.
  • Port Requests - A catch-all thread for all of the "Wouldn't it be cool if Pandora ran XXXX?" posts.

If you have a port request, you may add it to this page. If a developer likes the look of it, it might get picked up. Before adding your request, please follow these steps:

  • Check that your request is not already ported or under development on the Repo or in the forums
  • Determine if the request is viable using this flowchart; if not, move to "improbable"
  • Requests need a link to source code
  • Observe alphabetical and categorical order



Name Game Type Link to Source Remarks
Aero Blaster Side scrolling shooter [1]
Adonthell RPG [2]
Alien Arena FPS [3] old alien movie aesthetic
Angstron 2 FPS [4] runs on Nokia N770, N800, and N810
AnUntitledStory Metroidvania [5] Really nice Metroidvania style adventure game. No sources available, so very unlikely.
Apprentice 2 Card [6]
Area 2048 Shmup [7] Fast-paced arena shooter. Ported by M-HT here, source inside the PND
AssaultCube FPS [8] team oriented multiplayer
Bitfighter Puzzle [9] Now available on the repo 2-D space combat with retro graphics, Robotron-like controls and customizable ships
Blobwars2 TPS [10] aka Blob Wars:Blob And Conquer
Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks BlocksGame [11] Switch with neighbour left/right (also via gravity into gap). Control via keys.
BlueFury ? [12]
bsdgames Terminal-based [13]
bunch of CLI games Terminal-based [14]
BZFlag FPS [15] designed for mouse+keyboard
Cart Life economical simulator [16] (works the open sourced Adventure game studio)
Cube 1 FPS [17] (works with lunixbochs' GL shim)
Cube 2: Sauerbraten FPS [18] Works (and has good framerates) with lunixbochs' GL shim.
Coldest mech [19]
Crack Attack Puzzle [20] inspired by Tetris Attack
ctp2 Strategy [21] Civilization:Call To Power 2
Cubosphere Puzzle [22] Freeware game similar to the PSX game "Kula World" / "Roll Away".Platform independent, written in C++ and using OpenGL, SDL, libjpeg, LUA, GLSL-Shader.
Cytadela FPS [23] Conversion of Amiga FPS created by Virtual Design in mid 1990's. Available here (converted using glshim)
Danger from the Deep ? [24] WW2 German submarine 3d simulation
Dawn RPG [25]
Dash Border Shmup [26] Arena shmup with focus on lots of speed
DTXmania Rhythm [27] Japanese
Egoboo dungeon crawl [28] Available here, using glshim
Emilia Pinball Pinball [29] Uses the Allegro renderer, and should thus be easily portable, according to lunixbochs Ported here using glshim
Elite space shooter [30]
Empty Clip Action-RPG [31]
Fabled Lands App Gamebook [32] Java
Fall of Imiryn RPG [33]
FlightGear Flight sim [34]
Fofix Music [35] Fret on fire fork
FooBillard Sports [36] Port available here, using glshim.
Footballmanager (and more games) Sports [37] [38]
FreeOrion TBS [39] inspired by Master of Orion. Ported here, using glshim.
Free Tennis Sports [40]
Fretris, Moonman ... Puzzle [41] C code games by grumpygnome.8m.com
Funguloids Arcade,Puzzle [42] Need OGRE and probably GL Shaders
Game Of Bases RTS [43] Flash Attack remake
Glest RTS [44]
GNU shogi board [45] computer shogi (gShogi available)
Hedgewars Artillery [46] Worms clone - done, available here: http://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=hedgewars_ptitseb
Heroes arcade [47] like tron
Heroes of Allacrost RPG [48] Requires GL, glu, openal, lua, sdl_ttf. Done here
Helena The 3rd action-platforming [49] inspired by Blaster Master
IVAN rogue like [50] Excellent rogue like with limb system and wicked humor. In active development again.
iiChantra P.E.A.R. DSO Action, Platform [51] Contra-inspired game with original gameplay and retro-style graphics and music, sequel of iiChantra P.E.A.R.

Previous iiChantra games exist, first part of P.E.A.R. and Halloween version.

Jason Rohrer's public domain games various [52][53] [54] while 4 are ported several more (the newer one) are missing. While fully public domain, donations or buying the content is encouraged
Jack-Claw Action [55]
Kiki the Nano Bot Puzzle [56] mixture of Sokoban and Kula World. Ported here, using glshim
Kollision (from the KDE game pack) Arcade [57] Dodge more and more balls. Desktop control via mouse, desirable if Panda conversion could use nub, dpad or touchscreen.
Kurok FPS [58]
Knyttds Platformer [59]
L-Echo Puzzle [60] Echochrome clone
LinWarrior mech [61]
Lips of Suna dungeon crawl [62]
LOCKJAW puzzle [63] tetris
LordsAWar TBS [64] Warlords II clone
Lunar Lander ? [65] Lunar Lander Clone
Marfitude Music [66] loads a music file and turns it into a level. Graphics coded in SDL
Mario clone platformer [67] Turbo Pascal 5.5 /7.0 should compile in Freepascal, endorsed by Tiger Woods
M.A.R.S. shmup [68] Available here, using glshim
Masashikun Hi Arcade [69] stick figure olympics from Kenta Cho (ABA Games)
Megamek TBS [70]
MegaZeux Arcade [71] game creation system. Available here
Micropolis City sim [72] sim city
Microwar Arcade [73] Space Invaders clone in the cruel world of micro-compter industry
Ms Pacman (nibbles etc) Arcade [74] Pascal written DOS games
Monospace Shooter [75]
MotoGT Racing [76] motorcycles. Available here, using glshim
Mu-cade shmup [77] from Kenta Cho (ABA Games)
Netrek Star Trek themed battle sim [78]
Neverball Puzzle [79] similar to Super Monkey Ball. Ported here with glshim, but some levels are still too slow (physics calculation issues)
Nikki and the Robots platformer [80]
Nimuh Puzzle [81] based in the "Theseus and the Minotaur Mazes"
NPRQuake FPS [82] Non-PhotoRealistic rendering of GLQuake. Port available here, using glshim.
Oolite space sim [83] Available here, ported using glshim
Open Invaders Arcade [84] Another Space Invaders clone, as Classic Invaders (from the repo) is not enough arcade/action like. Would prefer even something better than Open Invaders.
open-ig RTS [85] Java clone of "Imperium Galactica" by Digital Reality
openBVE Train sim [86]
OpenDungeons RTS [87] Dungeon Keeper clone
Paraball Sports [88] Simple volleyball game.uses Fenix
Pax Britannica RTS [89]
Performous Music [90] Karaokee,Guitar,drum,DDR
Pioneer Space Sim space sim [91] A game of lonely space adventure. Needs GL Shaders.
Privateer Gemini Gold space sim [92] patterned after original Wing Commander Privateer and uses Vegastrike engine
Pseudoform FPS [93] portal clone
Race For The Galaxy AI Board [94] Probably needs minor UI tweaks for everything to fit. Ported here by Canceco
Red Eclipse FPS [95] uses cube2 engine
Rogue Survivour zombie rogue like [96] [97]
Roger M wilcox' adventures Adventures [98] .net ports of old TRS-80 adventures
S.C.O.U.R.G.E. Heroes of Lesser Renown RPG [99] 3D rogue-like
Scorched3D Artillery [100] based on Scorched Earth, ported here using glshim.
Secret Maryo Chronicles Platformer [101] ported here using glshim.
Shadowgrounds action [102] Shadowgrounds" and "Shadowgrounds: Survivor
Simulate (a Simon clone) Memory, Puzzle [103] Python PyGame library
Skulltag fps [104] doom with multiplayer focus
Sleep Is Death RPG [105] 2 player only
Smash Battle Platformer [106]
Smokin'Guns FPS [107] Use idTech3 engine. Available here, source of gles port
Soulfu RPG [108] port attempt was unsuccessful. Available here, see here for details
SpaceTrader FPS,Strategy [109]
Speed Dreams Racing [110] TORCS fork
Summoning Wars RPG [111] port should be possible, main issue is some excessive memory use
Sunbeam RPG [112] Abandoned project for the gp32
Strange Adventure in infinite space space roguelike [113]
Team 47: GoMan mech game [114] DOS game from 1997, source code released 1998
Terminal Velocity flight game [115] [116] source code available under NDA
Tester Phase One Shmup [117] Vertical shmup
Thunder&Lightning Flight sim [118]
T.o.M.E. RPG [119]
Torus Trooper shmup [120] Gyruss like tube shooter with focus on speed from Kenta Cho (ABA Games)
Trackballs Puzzle [121] available here, using glshim
Tremulous FPS+RTS [122]
UFO:AI TBS [123] Available on the repo here: [124], sourcecode of GLES port here: [125]
Ultimate Stunts Racing [126] 3D Racing with focus on settings times and making tracks. Available here using glshim.
Vertigo arcade [127]
violetland shooter [128] top down
Warlock's Gauntlet shooter [129]
Warsow FPS [130] requirements similar to Quake 3. Available here, using glshim
WFTO Strategy [131] NBKE fork
Wok Arcade [132] ball tossing game from Kenta Cho (ABA Games)
World of Padman FPS [133] creative death-match weapons and models. On the repo here: [134], sources of the GLES port here: [135]
Xonotic FPS [136] Nexuiz fork lightweight version
Yoda Soccer Sports [137] gameplay and style of Sensible World of Soccer (a.k.a. SWOS)
ZEQ2 Lite Fighting [138] A beta is available here
Z-LOCK Shmup [139] Vertical shmup with focus on lock-on mechanic


Name System Link to Source Remarks
B-EM BBC Micro [140] Compiling B-em 2.1+ for Linux, GP2X port
Mini vMac Macintosh Plus [141] There is an ARM Linux binary available, and I did get it to run on the Pandora quite smoothly, but I have no means to put it into a PND.
Reality Boy Virtual Boy [142] Runs, but slow and without sound in linux :( - Needs Allegro
TwoMbit Sega Master System [143]
Uzem Uzebox [144]

Game Engines

Name Engine Type Link to Source Remarks
Colditz Escape Escape From Colditz [145]
Doomsday Doom, Heretic and Hexen [146]
DreamZZT ZZT interpreter [147]
ezQuake Quakeworld [148] QuakeWorld client
FIFE Isometric [149] Ported and can be found in the Unknown Horizon PND [150], but only with SDL backend
Freeprince Prince of Persia [151]
FreeRA Command&Conquer/Red Alert [152]
FSOpen FreeSpace 2 [153] FreeSpace and FreeSpace 2 were ported using different code base. The Babylon Project use FS2Open 3.70
lwjgl Input,Sound,Graphics [154] Requires compilation of native library->OGL2.0 wrappers needed. Minecraft launcher use lwjgl 2.91 combined with glshim
Newton Game Dynamics Physics [155] Demos are being ported from MFC to Qt
Novashell Lua-based 2D Game/Creation [156] Author interested in Pandora
OpenDarkEngine Dark Engine [158]
OpenMOHAA FPS [159] Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
openmw The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind [160]
PONScripter visual novel [161] Proportional-OnScripter a heavy modified fork of ONScripter-EN that is deliberately backwards-incompatible with ONScripter-EN.

Narcissu: Side 2nd was ported to this engine.

RSD Game-Maker Game creation [162] The 1991 DOS game engine was released in 2014 under MIT.
SLUDGE 2D Adventure creation [163] Engine ported and available inside the Out of Order PND.
Sphere Game Creation [164]
Syntensity multiplayer 3D [165]
TA3D Total Annihilation remake [166] Ported, available here
X-Ray Engine 1.5 and 1.6 [167] [168] [169]
Zod Zod Recreation with multiplayer focus [170] Ported here by commander-beef

Other programs

Name App Type Link to Source Remarks
Aldrin MIDI Sequencer [171]
Ardour DAW [172]
Art of Illusion 3D modeling [173] Java
BlueGriffon WYSIWYG web editor [174]
Calligra Suite office [175] koffice fork
Celestia space simulation [176]
Clementine Music Manager [177] Amarok 1.4 forked+ported to Qt4 and GStreamer
Dropbox File Management [178] There is a shell script to upload, download, delete and list files from Dropbox.
Ease presentation [179]
Freecad 3D CAD modeler [180]
FreeSpeak translator [181]
Gajim Instant messaging [182]
Gcstar library management [183]
Gnash flash [184]
Gnome Disk Utility Manage storage devices - format, partition, file system check, benchmark test, etc [185] If Pandora users want to compare SD card speeds, benchmark tests only make sense on the target device (the Pandora itself). I propose to port this one, as it has all necessary functions in an easy interface. --Porg 00:14, 19 July 2011 (CEST)
Gnomeradio Radio [186] Gnomeradio is a FM-radio tuner for the GNOME desktop (version 1 and 2). It should work with every FM tuner card that is supported by video4linux.
Gnote notetaking [187] c++ tomboy clone
GnoTime TODO list/diary/journal [188]
GNU Radio Radio [189] GNU Radio is a free software toolkit for learning about, building, and deploying software-defined radio systems. Version needed: 3.5.1 or higher.
Gnucap Circuit Simulation [190] General purpose circuit simulator. It performs nonlinear dc and transient analyses, fourier analysis, and ac analysis.
Gobby Collaborative editor [191]
GoogSysTray System tray [192]
Gramps Genealogical research [193]
Gtrainer Health [194]
Gummi WYSIWYG LATEX editor [195] Live preview pane for document
gwibber microblogging client [196]
Handbrake video transcoder [197]
HTTrack Offline reader/Web crawler [198]
Hydrogen drum machine [199]
Jokosher multi-track studio [200]
Kazam screen capture [201]
Kismet network detector,packet sniffer,intrusion detection [202]
Kolourpaint Pixel graphics editor [203]
KStars Desktop Planetarium Software [204]
KToon 2D Animation [205] Port requires gui changes
LilyPond Musical Score Editor & Engraver [206]
Maemo Mapper geographical mapping [207] designed for 800 × 480
Marble digital globe [208]
Maxima Math [209]
Miro Internet television [210]
Mixxx DJ mixing software [211] Dependencies. There is an 800x480 skin called Outline.
Mosaic-CK browser [212] NCSA Mosaic
MySQL Workbench MySql Database Tools (remote DB administration) [213]
Nathive image editor [214]
OpenAstro.org natal chart generator [215]
Open-rp Remote Play [216] Remotely play PS3
OpenShot movie editor [217]
PCB printed circuit board editor [218]
puddletag audio tag editor [219]
Qucs Circuit Simulation [220] Qucs is an integrated circuit simulator which means you are able to setup a circuit with a graphical user interface (GUI) and simulate the large-signal, small-signal and noise behaviour of the circuit. After that simulation has finished you can view the simulation results on a presentation page or window. Uses QT.
RedNotebook Diary/Journal [221]
Recipe Manager Recipe Manager [222]
Rosegarden sequencer, score editor, composition and editing [223]
Rubrica address book [224]
scribus page layout [225]
Shotwell photo manager [226]
Stellarium Virtual Planetarium [227] Available here
TangoGPS GPS [228] Anstrom Repo pandora
Tilda Quake style terminal [229]
Tor Anonymity network [230]
Traverso DAW Multitrack audio recording & editing [231]
TuxGuitar multitrack guitar tablature editor & player [232]
Zynaddsubfx Software Synthesizer [233]


programs with available source code that are unlikely to be ported

Name App Type Link to Source Reason
0AD RTS [234] high System requirements
Ardentryst Action-RPG [235] high System requirements
Arx Fatalis Action-RPG [236] Done here. Sources here
Capitán Sevilla Platformer [237] Done here. Runs fine with minimum detail.
Dolphin Gamecube Emulator [238] high System requirements
Homeworld space RTS [239] high System requirements. Done, beta available here
Paku paku Pacman clone [240] mostly some DOS Pascal but some assembly
Pcsx 2 PS2 Emulator [241] high system requirements
Penumbra Survival Horror [242] high System requirements
PlaneShift MMORPG [243] requires to much ram
Revenge of the Titans RTS [244] see License. A beta launcher is available here, but is too slow.
VDrift Racing [245] high System requirements. Done, available here
Xdriller Arcade [246] Requires Ogre3D
Zero Ballistics FPS/tank [247] high System requirements