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This is a list of projects on which bounties have been placed by various members of the Pandora community. The wiki is not responsible for these bounties and authors that wish to collect a bounty must contact the person offering the money directly. People should realize that by offering an amount of money for a bounty, they are committing themselves to pay it at any time the bounty is fulfilled (we advise developers to contact those requesting something before starting work to ensure the money is still available) - do not add yourself to a list if you do not intend to pay! It is also requested that those offering a bounty should leave an e-mail address so that they may be contacted, or a link to their forum profile on the GP32X or OpenPandora forums.

Please keep the list sorted in alphabetical order by title!

Title Description Reward Requestor Offers Complete
Audacity for Pandora An audio editor. $10 MichaelXX2 Completed Successfully Awaiting payment
Command and Conquer See thread Scorpio Forum Thread
Final Burn Alpha Arcade game emulator Varies (See thread) Blue Protoman and others Post in this thread.
NAVIT 30€ ABC Post
Wireless driver w/packet injection See thread gotwake424 Forum Thread