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Playstation console
Download(s) http://notaz.gp2x.de/releases/pcsxr/pcsx_rearmed_r6.pnd
License {{{license}}}
Developer(s) Notaz
Version R6 (2/10/2011)
Status Public Beta
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Compatibility List (Google docs)

A better alternative to PSX4Pandora.


In Development.

Development Link: Development Thread


It is maintained as google spreadsheet doc: PSX compatibility List


Now has BIOS support. BIOS should be copied to [sd card]/pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/bios/ ..and then selected in options->bios/plugins menu. Enabling BIOS will fix tons of bugs. It is highly recommended to activate it.

Creating images of Games

A short how-to for doing so on Linux is available: Creating images of PSX games using Linux

On Windows you can probably rely on the common tools for creating disc images, like for example Alcohol or the likes. There were some reports in the forums that using Nero for creating images does not work.